Friday, December 28, 2012

* ..under the influence of the Full Cancer Moon* The Drops of Movement*

Water, water, water water...

The play of thrilling music with fast flashing images from around the globe, displaying all that is wrong in the world. Your heartbeat rises and a surge of rebellious, almost electrified vibrations flow through your body. You feel the urge to join hands with all the like minded people, your brothers and sisters around the world to stop all the nonsense, all the injustice and evil makings that harm and destroy our peace. The villains being so often those in power, WITH immense power, and both men and women.

We cannot understand their doings, but we want to love them nevertheless. That is the way forward, to send them love instead of hate and resentment. So we try really hard to love them. We try as much as we possibly can, right? considering all the emotional restraints of ‘a human condition’. The untying of those restraints, are undoubtedly lessons in disguise, the very precious gift of the soul.

In front of us are endless choices of which paths to choose, in all we do, in reacting to circumstances and people, in communications and never really knowing where those decision will lead us to, what the consequences will be like. Then trying to use memory and  common sense for guidance but unfortunately for the little decision maker on the shoulder, just doesn't work. Those memories are tied to other decisions that were perhaps made based on emotions or circumstances that don’t apply any more ‘cause the world has changed and new realities and dimensions keep winding up from nowhere….

We are running through the biggest ever-changing maze in the world, faced with great challenges and on top of it all blessed time is ticking in our ears. No! Resisting the current of negativity and the attempts to deactivate once and for all the switch for guilt trips and co-dependency, are the cherry on top. And then we have to love the bad guys! That's one tough cookie to digest.

Basically each decision-step we take is a leap of faith. So there we are, with our human guise torn open at the chest so the heart can breath with more ease, big sincere smiles and glistening eyes, throwing ourselves again and again into the abyss of the unknown. No wonder so many of us are feeling tired or exhausted.  

The Hymn of Wisdom, the embracing song of Oneness, the soothing sound of LOVE ALL – HARM NONE that from birth can be heard coming from our hearts, how often do those sweet notes of harmony get suffocated by the noise of relentless hammering of words of ignorance in our heads. The hammering of words which are permeated with fear and judgement towards so many things and other human beings, and worst of all, towards ourselves. All we long for is for the hammering to stop! Those voices constantly echo in our minds.

We need strong will and perseverance to slow down the hammer to a quiet stance and to altogether tune into the frequency of the heart. But we CAN do it if we want, if we choose to! No one said it was going to be easy. But we can stop the hammering! We all know world peace and harmony starts with us, with us individually, right? That we, each and every one of us, have to become the change we want to experience? What about stop pointing fingers at each other, and instead be grateful for the lessons we face as individuals of Oneness. We have the choice to be happy. We can stop being victims and take charge of our own destiny. May the bewildering maze become the Sacred Labyrinth for us all*

And then the flickering images of war, starvation and corruption fade out, and on the screen appear the faces of laughing children from all over the world, dancing in the rain and the sun, under a marvelous rainbow. Simultaneously the beautiful chorus of tribal voices come at you. No glitz, no glam, just deep and rich voices singing songs of the heart and the Earth Mother. Stirring your soul, reviving long lost memories of yourself living in harmony with all that exists! Within and without. The starry skies and the sparkling drops of the morning dew. The bountiful nature and swaying trees, rolling hills and flowing waterfalls. Multi-colored creatures of the seas or the lands, and our own species, the human, with its warmth and its kindness. It touches every chord in your heart and your eyes get all watery, blurring your sight. The short lived loss of eyesight gives your soul room to submerge into form and tears start running down your cheeks. The flowing drops of movement.

Why can‘t messages for love, peace, hope, new dreams, and miracles be just as emotionally provocative as any modern day blockbuster? 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

* The New Age *

Beautiful friends, dear family of light, near and far! 

I’m so grateful for sharing these magnificent times with you* With my heart filled with love and laughter,  I wish you transformational days ahead* I trust the journey and the shift will be a pleasant and enjoyable one and that we will all meet and celebrate the birth of a new age together in Spirit. The eye of the cosmic heart is open and sending us strength and courage.

This morning I heard a knock on the door that woke me from my sleep. I went to the door but there was no one there, in this dimension at least ;) I know it was THE wake-up call* The tribe is gathering and we are being summoned! The soft yet strong and nourishing female vibration is awakened and taking its place in sacred union with the masculine. Beautiful* Let us be the change, trust our intuition and increase our receptivity. That is what the moon teaches us. So effortless receptivity, it can’t help it. It is the moon’s nature and by being true to its ways, it receives and gives. True freedom* And above all let us not forget the childlike innocence and to have fun and laugh. Life is so filled with wonders and beauty* LIFE, and our role within it when taken seriously, can be such a burden when taken too seriously ;) True reverence for all there is, is filled with LIGHT and CREATION*

Love and freedom to all ~ and Joyous celebration of the Solstice and birth of Light/Journey into the Dark* How existence reflects its components in the opposite, creating Oneness, Beautiful! All interconnected! It’s absolutely amazing, truly STELLAR ;) *

Blessings, Hugs and kisses,
from my Sacred Heart to your Sacred Hearts ~ One Love
Helga Sóley

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Journey*

~ We were so close we could almost smell the sweet aroma of burning wood, the scent reaching out to us, swirling like dancers, the spirits of the North in disguise  alluring like sirens. The moment of gathering was steadily ripening and it longed for our presence.  The fires at Wisdom Rock had been lit, we could feel it in our bones. The journeying continued..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 * 12 * 12

12 ~ 12 ~ 12

What a spectacular set of numbers, and without a doubt, with equally miraculous energies stemming from their frequency. I wonder what pattern the sound vibration from 12 ~ 12 ~ 12 would look like?

Gateway, Power of Consciousness, Global awareness, Window of Possibility for an Evolutionary Leap, Healing & Cleansing the Past, .... There are so many keywords for today.

On a day like this its hard for a girl like me not to feel like I'm maybe missing out on something, not prepared enough, should I have done something different? Made other choices for today? Perhaps this was the day for getting married even? It will never come again as long as I live this triple digit number-magic! With its favorable vibrations! On the other hand, according to solar astrology, or in simpler terms when following the natural rhythms and cycles of our Earth, I would rather prefer the ceremony of a long lasting love union to be performed and celebrated after the winter solstice, when the light is increasing. As I live in the Northern hemisphere. Now is so much darkness, we'll reach the North shores in a few days. With the Earth element to build a lovers foundation on.

So you see, ... hahaahhahahhaah... life is so funny :) * One can become quite confused so to speak when leading a spiritual life ;) I'm part substance, finding a way for me and my spirit to live in oneness and harmony. So the preceding paragraph casts a light on a natural human feeling, that I'm clearly not denying, though I should know better than to have them. And that is what I find so amusing.
I, we, are doing our best to just be in the flow of life, feel everything is OK. We are following a spiritual path.  But nevertheless the humps and bumps are there.. So on a day like this, in a month like this, a year like this.. I'm quite sure I'm not the only modern 'hippie girl' one minute wondering if I should have been more prepared, or at least make sure today will be wonderful, but the next minute thinking just to skip it all.. go to the sea and just sit and listen* Well well well... SO BE IT* What ever it will be. 
What a Miraculous Day for Wondrous Weaving s * 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

O Harmony Moon O

From the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of November*
I just felt like writing, enjoy*

...waxing waxing, miraculous moon, 
in Gemini I‘ll find you soon 
Basking in your Fullness glow 
I‘ll dance, I‘ll flow.. I do love you so

A momentous day today will be,
as the Sun, the Earth and You and I
aligned from our core into the sky
we'll weave the threads for all to see

The threads of Light, of Love and Peace
The wish for All to live at ease
In harmony we laugh and thrive
As One we are the fabric of life
Always joyous, always Light
The Beauty granting clarity of sight

It‘s Now, it‘s time, for us to recall
that All united big or small
we constantly create Life‘s Rainbow Art
and are thy Grace, thy Wisdom of Heart

Helga Sóley

Friday, September 21, 2012

*The Fall into Freedom*

 Equinox is around the corner! We step into Libra and for a day, light equals the dark. Now is the perfect time to gift ourselves with a few moments of relaxation and reflection. To be still in our being-ness, reflect on our blessings and emanate gratitude to the cosmos.  Feel the balance and the harmony that truly surrounds us every day of our lives. The Beauty, the Creation, the Alchemy*

The path to this wonder is found within our hearts   ི♥ྀ

The Great Wheel is turning. Here in Iceland, in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the winds of autumn, which play with our cheeks as we symbolically dance into the West where the sun sets and the water runs. Nature slowly dresses into her autumnal nightgown, yellow, red and brown, ready to go to rest in a little while.  In a few weeks’ time the dark mother will rock her to sleep, under a starry sky where the Northern Lights dance.

At this crossing it is important to honor the cycles, to be aware of how we are feeling, and to consciously center ourselves. Tend to our sacred fire, stay in our shamanic center. Not falter.

When autumn comes, when we ‘fall’ into darkness, psychologically for most of us, it can be much harder than stepping into the light at Spring Equinox. We are so used to our material world and to react to our outer world that we may ignore what is happening within. When darkness falls we may start to feel blue and heavy, and we might not even know why. The rays of the sun seize to reach us and embrace us with warmth and radiance so we forget that true radiance is found within. How dim existence becomes if we lose sight of our divinity! The darkness closes in on us, we start feeling trapped and that is when the shadow creatures come out. We feel their presence in our spine, how they observe our every move, lurking in each corner, ready to attack. But let us then remember the lessons that are found in the depths of darkness.

If we drop our daily hustles for a moment, if we calm our minds and we listen, quietly, at our heart and its wisdom, it will whisper the truth, the truth about the shadow creatures.

“Dear one, pay attention! The shadow creatures are to be honored and respected. They are great teachers in disguise. Their nature is dark, but we are one, the darkness and the light. They remind us of past dramas, doubts and fears and their energy is so potent and powerful that we lock them up and put them in shackles. We are afraid of them so we try to ignore their existence. We pretend they don’t exist. But underneath they squirm and twist and turn, because the truth of it is that all they long for is their freedom!

Please release the shadow creatures and learn to love them. Make peace with them. Express gratitude for their lessons and free them. After all, the shadow creatures are your own dark mirror images my dear one.  Their shackles are your own shackles. Once you choose to dissolve them with altered perception, you become Light, and you can flow freely.

Surrender and release your burdens and your prayers to Great Spirit and Mother Earth. Layer by layer free yourself of the false self, tame it and enjoy riding the majestic dragon. Be one with it, not of it. Be the powerful being that you know you already are”.

So it is, instead of letting the increased darkness of autumn and winter force us into our shell and weigh us down, we can decide to embrace our shadow side and respect its power, harness it. It will no longer rule over us but fuel us with increased will and stamina. With this revived understanding and altered perception we will feel liberated to live our lives to the fullest, without boundaries and we will let ourselves flow freely in total trust in our divine purpose and guidance.

Let our sacred witness be our guide as we sail on the dark waters of the West in preparation for the Great Shift of the Ages at Winter Solstice. When we will dock our boat on the North shores, tie our ropes to Wisdom Rock, we will have gained the will, courage, gentleness and clarity to fly with Spirit.  In great respect and utter reverence for the male cycle that is about to end, we will majestically take the last few wing strokes of this time together and then fly through the gates of transition. On December 22 2012 a new humanity will be born, under the protective wings of the female embrace.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

*Amazing Artist~ Beautiful Heart*
Artist Rassouli:

“What I portray in my paintings of women is what I sense to be feminine power. Far more than simply an outer beauty to enjoy, I seek to expose the sensitivity and radiance that glows from within the feminine essence. Women have the capacity to be agents of peace and reconciliation, and are willing to explore innovative creative solutions to our human conflicts and global earthly challenges.”



Monday, September 17, 2012

*New Moon Blessings*

Dark of the Moon, new beginnings;
Dark of the Moon, plant a seed tonight;
Dark of the Moon, what we envision
Will come to be, by the Full Moon’s light.


Monday, August 27, 2012

* State of wholeness *

 It is time for the pendulum to swing back towards the Divine Feminine and rest comfortably in the middle.To become whole, we need both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies, equally in our lives 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

* Evoking the Elements *

The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, Return... Return... Return... Return...*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

*Full Moon Magick*

The Full Moon is the time for releasing any New Moon intentions out to Spirit. 
Lets stay attuned to the ebb and flow of the Universe, and dance the cosmic dance together 
in trust and courage. 
May all our wishes come true

Sunday, May 20, 2012

*The 20th of May Pleiades alignment*

Earth ~ Moon ~ Sun ~ the brightest star of Pleiades

♥ The energetically charged alignment on May 20, 2012 during the Annular Solar Eclipse, when the Earth will be in perfect alignment with the Moon, the Sun, and Alcyone - the brightest star within the Pleiades constellation, is a special opportunity for empowering our visioning.
Traditionally the New Moon is a time of ceremony supporting new energies and new visions. During a Solar Eclipse the New Moon is aligned with the Sun disrupting the 'usual' energy, dissolving old complexes/behavior patterns and allowing new archetypal energies to emerge from the unconscious, as the light of the Sun/consciousness is blocked.
With the New Moon on the south node in Gemini, our old perceptions, thought patterns and knowledge can dissipate , leaving us open to perceive, think and know in new ways. The south node of the Moon indicates where our comforts no longer serve us and points to what needs to be released.
In Gemini, the energy that needs releasing is the way our culture has trained us to think about things. Old habits of mind and linear thinking no longer reflect new realities, and can therefore no longer serve life. New, life affirming wisdom comes from being centered in our Heart; from an intuitive understanding of life...
This eclipse has the potential to change how we understand our world and each other and to support us in visioning our most heartfelt dreams - particularly with the added energetic support of the Pleiades within the New Moon Solar Eclipse alignment.

Astrology references from


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

* 33 Years on Planet Earth *

My sister sent me this picture today to my facebook wall. Its mesmerizing! 
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful* 
Wisdom ~ Beauty ~ Depth ~ Insight ~ Harmony 

Today is my birthday.
I have walked the Earth for 33 years. Well for 32 years probably, 'cause being the second child of my mother and father, the first one an eager aries that started walking at 9 months, they absolutely did not encourage me to start walking! They let me figure it out at my own steady pace. So for the first year of my life, I just lay and sat in their loving arms, floating blissfully on a soft baby cloud.

I have many stories to tell that are relevant at times like these, when you're going through big life changes, starting a new phase in your life, welcoming the new. This morning in the shower I remembered a little story I wrote in a sketch book when I turned 30. Then I was reminiscing and summarizing my feelings and experiences when walking through the Great Gate of Saturn around 29-31. But that is a tale I will wait with. For now I'm just happy to be entering a new stage, have been embraced by Mother Earth and Father Sky for 33 years, a magical number by the way, and enthusiastic and looking forward to what adventures lie before me.

* Big Smiles, Rainbow Light and JOY * 

Friday, April 13, 2012

* 13 ~ Friday ~ Venus ~ Dragons *

And... it's the 13th again, 
and this time it is on a Friday! Lovely*

Tomorrow Mars will go into forward motion again, so its celebration time for us who have really been feeling the retrograde. It's been hard, but it has been a good experience, so much has surfaced, many things that wanted to be cleared and healed. So its time to look up now, and allow the rays of the rising sun to warm our cheeks and touch our hearts. We have nothing to fear, all is good and all is joy. Lets rejoice!

From White Wolf Journeys newsletter: April 13th is a Triple Dragon Day in Chinese Astrology. This occurs when the dragon rules the month, the year and the day.Now is the time to take a chance, not only to dream but to act on that dream.Today is also Friday, Venus’s day the sacred geometric synergy of the number 13 and the day before Mars goes direct in 2012! 
The Goddess Venus influences beauty, love and money*

 ི♥ྀ Much LOVE, GRACE and EMBRACE ི♥ྀ 
to all my  friends on this magical day

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


★ We welcome the Goddess of Dawn and the NEW 

Show Me, Guide me, I am ready to Serve 

We thank you Goddess of JOY 

Our Gaia protector, reviving LIFE on Earth


Manifesting beautiful NEW LIFE wherever you go  

Happy Spring Equinox dear friends! May the increasing light reach your hearts with a warm embrace. Today's mantra 

OSTARA Blessings to you all 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*The Powerful 13.03*

... the secret code* I chose it for my first ever bank account. I have always been so fascinated by the number 13 and the number 3. I love those numbers. So there is no wonder that the LOVE of my life, my prince, my KING, my Kristján  was born on a Friday, the 13th of March 1981. Ooohhhh.. always tickles my heart when I talk about it, I just love that :) :D Fridays were my favorite days as well, and in the combination with 13, Beautiful! And this was before I learned about the whole 'Friday the 13th' phenomenon, it being something goose-bumpyish! To me those were the most magickal days of them all*

Happy birthday wonderful being
I LOVE YOU Beautiful Soul mate  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

*Happy FULL MOON Womens Day *

ི♥ྀ Much LOVE, GRACE & EMBRACE ི♥ྀ 
to all my SISTERS around the WORLD

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

*The Window*

Its growing! Its drawing near the FULL MOON again! March 2012. Can you feel it? Now is Tuesday evening, it will be full Thursday morning. Ahhhh.. cycles, rythms, continuity.. circles, The cosmic Mandala, ever revolving, we evolving.
.¸.☆.¸ (¯` * •. ¸ ♥ ♥ ¸. • * '¯) ¸.☆.¸.✿

My window*
Often the subject of my blog posts, well rather the view, or what's happening outside my window. But tonight I perceive it in a new way.  I feel like I, the window, and the outside world, are playing roles in a play where the untouchable is touchable, stillness is movement and matter is Spirit.

I've given my window its own role in this play, because it's such a great poetic character. Like tonight, the way it captured the mysterious moon.. wow! Totally dramatic, great performance. I love it! It has played a big role in this Kolding/Denmark act of my play, Soley's Journey. By framing the season changes so beautifully, it drew my attention to what was happening outside, and by doing so connected me deeply to the primal rythms of Life itself. It reflected the light of the vivid summer green to the autumnal red and yellow, it showed me how the naked crooked branches of the trees in my garden were delicately covered by the soft December snow, and how those same exposed branches are now reaching for the moon, in the soon to be equinox sky* 
 ✿¸.•°*”˜ƸӜƷ˜”*°•.¸.¸.☆.¸ (¯` * •. ¸ ♥ ♥ ¸. • * '¯) ¸.☆.¸.✿¸.•°*”˜ƸӜƷ˜”*°•.¸ 

✿ SoonMoon Kisses 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

*Leap Day*

*Happy Leap Day everyone :) The 29th of February ... WOW.. there is just something very special about this day! We sure are leaping into new heights and dimensions, we as humanity, as ONE. 2012 is truly bringing on a big wave of 

♥ ♥ ♥
I'm happy to announce that today my beautiful, amazing artist mother published a facebook page:  Art of the Soul by Helga 

Now as am writing this, I'm thrilled to see that already a handful of people are enjoying her paintings, commenting and sharing to their own faceook sites.. its great! 

Facebook is here to stay, therefore I'm embracing the fact that with very little effort it's now possible to connect with friends around the globe, and share inspirations and paths to enlightenment in stories, pictures and videos*

Here is one of my mother's paintings. It is from her DO-ING series and is called GROWING*

Sometimes I even think that the 'behind the scene' reason for why facebook was invented was to aid the quickening phase, that we humans are going through. Though a lot of 'not so nice things' gets published as well (there will always be a shadow side) we now have a brilliant open source platform where we can come together to share wisdom and our journeys.   That is beautiful*


Friday, February 10, 2012

*Leave a Light ON*

Marvelous, marvelous.. :) I guess Mars retrogate and the waning moon are the two minuses equaling a BIG PLUS :D Feeling great, its Friday, just spoke to my family and my two dogs in Iceland. Happy and I just started The Dream Collage. (link later when it is ready) I Choose JOY*

Happy Friday Gods and Goddesses* Yours truthfully, always from the HEART, Sóley*

ENJOY: LEAVE A LIGHT ON - Belinda Carlisle

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

*Full Snow Moon of CHANGE*

Its full moon again. Today has been tough. So many things surfacing, so many things inside that are screaming for confrontation and resolution. A closure. So I can move on. Have to admit that this big day of Wisdom and learning has my absolute permission to end soon! I thank you greatly deep wisdom day. I'm looking forward to being rocked to sleep by the full moon's bright rays, mystically lighting up my room. .... forming moonlight shadows! Love that song.. sometimes its like that!

The moonlight shadow of the tree in my garden just now

Would love to express more, so I will do that tomorrow morning. One more thing thought before I stop, I just received one of my favorite newsletters from White Wolf Journeys, Robbyne LaPlant, and there she was talking about Madonna's half game show at the Super Bowl in America. I had just watched it on Youtube. I really admire Madonna, she has the courage, she dares to BE. Not everything about Madonna (the brand) is to my liking, but her message for Peace always gets through, and she is such an inspiration, to fully shine our brightest. Like the STARS we are. In the end of her show the words WORLD PEACE lit up the ground, and I was so touched! And then the game continued. So symbolic, the show must go on but this time we want
Peace and to be at Ease
* Good night sweet souls*

Its 9.20 am on the 8th of February. My Full Moon calendar, here on the right side, says its still 100% Full Moon. It was beautiful going to bed last night. I needed change, so once again I put my pillow where my feet usually are (love to do that for a change of scenery, I also think it gives me different dreams). Turned like that I could be bathed in the Full Moon rays, getting the deep cleansing effects of its radiating energy. In this position the moon shone right into my face, but softly* Kissing my forehead, whispering that now things WILL change and that all WILL be ok. Reassuring me that I'm in the midst of big CHANGES, like every one of us on Earth. 
We are all going through this as ONE 

"..When you gonna love you as much as I do?" Powerful lyrics by Tori Amos's oh so loved Winter*
 ♥All my LOVE and LIGHT and CHANGE♥

Thursday, February 2, 2012

* Brigit's Day ~ Candlemas, the 2nd of February*

There are stirrings within the womb of Mother Earth. Light is quickening* The seeds that were planted on Winter Solstice are beginning to sprout. Outside my window everything is still covered with snow,  the ground, the trees, the rooftops. But today, the 2nd of February is the midway between the solstice and the gifts of Ostara, so the promise of spring is around the corner.

Today we light a candle for the Celtic Goddess Brigit, the Triple Fire Goddess. Brigit's three aspects are: Fire of Inspiration as patroness of poetry, Fire of the Hearth, as patroness of healing and fertility, and Fire of the Forge, as patroness of smithcraft and martial arts.

She has many sides and faces to her, but she is always associated with fire, and to me that also means courage, and the strength to carry on. In the Northern hemisphere we are starting to feel the heavy burden of a long winter, thankful for all the lessons,  but longing for more light and lightness in Life.  Brigit gives us that extra spark to keep on, not to fall back and give up. She is the bringer of hope*

Today I dedicated my candle prayer to Brigit, to ANU the Mother of Goddesses and to Mother Mary
Live well and be Happy*

Monday, January 23, 2012

~ New Moon & the return of the Water Dragon ~

I'm preparing for my New Moon ceremony tonight! I'm so excited! I feel like I have been waiting for this day for some years now.

It all made sence when I received a newsletter from White Wolf Journeys, Robbyne LaPlant, 4 days ago, a fascinating read about that today is the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. WOW! Love it. It gets me all excited. Water and Dragon, power, good luck and good fortune, growth, prosperity, FLOW. Robbyne inspired me to celebrate today, so today has been all about preparing and tuning into the auspicious year ahead. For a ritual, she  suggested a ceremony where you write your intentions on a paper, fold it towards you, signaling your receptivity, put it in a red envelope and under a candle, red preferably, but it is the intention that matters.

Before you write your intentions, you prepare your own sacred space, bring in all the elements, the candle for Fire, Water in a bowl or a glass, incence or a feather like I do for Air, and flower or stone to honor Earth. Aferwards I'm going to the Ocean to connect with the New Moon, the sacred water element.. and greet the Water Dragon, to welcome its energy into my life Ahhhhhhhh... BEAUTY*

I love this image I got sent from my beautiful friend, Grace. The Unity of Quan Yin and the Dragon, such pure strength and compassion. Support. Oneness. No slaying of dragons to portrait strength, but with compassion she is riding the dragon. They support eachother. It is symbolic for the wisdom of having your 'demons' serve you, not threaten you.

I wish you all magnificent and transformational changes* Love, Compassion and Lots of Laughter*

I decided to add this video to the post, very relevant and a good read with nice pics :) Enjoy*