Sunday, December 12, 2021

Le Petit Oiseau ~ The Little Bird


As I journey now, on my healing path from acute leukemia to a brand new me, I have this deep desire to share Le Petit Oiseau ~ The Little Bird, from 2016. Be well little bird. My soulbird. I release you


Iceland, September 2016

Sitting on a bench behind the summer house I carefully opened the bag I had placed the bird’s body in. There he was, the poor little thing. For a split second, I remembered how I almost had to peel what was left of him off the car, his little heart sticking out very noticeably. I thought for a moment whether I should keep his heart, accept it as a sacred gift. But no. It felt right to bury it with the remains of his body. But I kept his wing. His left wing, which had been torn and dislocated by the impact yet stuck to the car somehow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Autumn's Healing Grace

It's Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere today. 

Grace day *22* 

Life has changed quite drastically for me, just within the last few days. 

Let's just say, to begin with, that I have a deep healing journey in front of me, and because I'm feeling quite ok today, and feel physically ok to sit down with my computer, I really wanted to post my Autumn Healing poem. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

*The Poetic Dance of the Ecstatics*


What else can we do but dance in the madness?



Hug each other

Show kindness

Be there for one another

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

*Tender New Beginnings*

Ok, so here's the truth. The bare truth. The naked truth. 

I've been out of it for the last 9 months or so. Out of the "game". The game being, my devotion to entrepreneurship,  and all my entrepreneurial efforts.

Since June 2020 I've been out cold. 



Tuesday, February 16, 2021

*Untaming the beast*


❤ God, I missed blogging!

In the world of social media, everything has become so tamed! We think we’re getting wilder, that we’re coming undone, and yes we are, but within yet another form that’s restraining our movements - within a system with dos and don’ts, an order of some sort that disguises itself as a ‘friendly helper’, someone that is going to lead us through the maze. Hold our hands, show us the way - guide us so we won't go crazy in this modern era of Instagram stories, and Facebook Lives, Youtube channels, and TikToks. But on the way, as we walk this guided path, so brilliantly ‘illuminated’ by our friendly guides on a commission, we get locked into just another set of rules, how we should do things, and this is cool, this is not cool, this is in, this is out, you have to do this and oh my god don’t do that! Once again the form seems to have ensnared us into its grip. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

*The Spiritual Restraints of Belief Layers*

I'm raised by hippie new-age parents. 

In retrospect, it feels like I have spent my whole life wondering "What is Universal" as I was exposed to a multitude of different spiritual paths and colors whilst growing up. 

And, they were all dressed in very different robes, each of those spiritual traditions. 

So now when writing this text, pondering the esoteric lessons of my childhood, it feels like I was being taught to recognize the divine in everything. 

The deep learning was to see and understand that a certain someone would only recognize the divine in him or herself, through a teaching, or a grain of wisdom, when ‘it’ was clothed in, let's say, red for example. And then that another certain someone would only recognize ‘it’, see his divine reflection in it, if it was clothed in, let's say blue. And also, that those colors could or would change over time for them. That at one point in their lives, the Indian teachings of  North-America would unlock something magical within them, a remembering would occur, a quickening happen, then at another point in their life, they would feel drawn to the Indian teachings of the East, to Hinduism, or Buddhism or to another Eastern wisdom tradition, just to give an example. They wouldn’t be able to explain the shift, only that it was unlocking a new piece of their 'wholeness' to them.  

This is all so natural. Everything, every path has a teaching. It catalyzes an unfolding. ‘Becoming’ is occurring for that person, a notion I touch upon in my poem, The Spiral of Becoming. This whole post actually echoes the essence of Songs of Anu Poetry from the Heart where the main topic is the question about what is spiritually Universal.  

So ultimately we may come to a point where the paths have become layers, layers that may have started to inhibit us, like being dressed in too much clothing, which restrains our movements. Then the many different belief systems have started getting all mixed up, like threads getting tangled up in a knot, or around us, and we simply get stuck.

This may happen if we jump from one system to another, never giving ourselves the permission to slow down and devote ourselves to one specific path for a prolonged period of time. Never allowing ourselves to delve deep with a specific wisdom system and start practicing its essence. If that’s the case, that we’ve piled on so many different spiritual belief layers that we feel we are drowning from the heaviness of so much accumulated knowledge, an alternative route to diving deep, is to simply drop it all ~ find ourselves beyond any belief at all. 

My stance on this whole thing, is that I believe (yes, pun intended with the word choice ;) that what is most important for us all, and for each individual, is to find inner peace. And, yes, that it can just be so darn difficult to experience peace when working with many sets of beliefs in one’s life.  

So yes, I do think that ultimately when we have journeyed as spiritual seekers for a while, and we feel the journey has helped us in discovering many deep truths about ourselves, that the next move is to call off the search! We can of course keep on journeying, we will always keep on journeying, that is the nature of life, but that the next phase of the journey must be to decondition. 

Though it's been said that what you seek is already within, the seeking is such a big part of the journey - and we shouldn't be discouraged to go on that spiritual journey by anyone who believes he or she knows better. Yes, ultimately the journey of self-discovery is the journey of zero-miles, but in order for us to live and experience, taste the fruit of life, the journey, the seeking is essential, and that is awesome! Otherwise we wouldn’t reach that quiet space inside. 

What we learn on the ‘seekers spiritual road’ is among other glorious things, perseverance and endurance. Stamina. And through getting to know so many different spiritual belief systems, which at their core are all illuminating paths supporting our flight into freedom, each one deeply authentic in its own radiance, the journey has hopefully taught us to be broad -and open-minded, but above all else to be humble and open-hearted. Both toward others, but perhaps more importantly toward ourselves to begin with - that we have learned to show ourselves patience, acceptance and tolerance. Soothing softness. It is the medicine of the strong. 

So when we’ve called off the search, and we’re sitting comfortably in the center of our own lives, wrapped in loving self-compassion, our strong inner core working as our compass as we journey on, we feel how empty we have become, but yet so full! Hallow, hollow, holy. We’ve made space inside for the sacred, for the divine to flow through us.  

Fill us with grace. 


Thursday, January 3, 2019

A New Year Power Act

 A New Year Power Act ~ The Weaving of the Old with the New

South Iceland, January 3rd 2019

☆ A Wondrous New Year to You, Shining Star ☆

What better way of flying through the gates of a new year than with Grace and Gratitude? With Clarity and Overview? ‘Easy does it’, is a magical mantra to recite when embarking on a new adventure around the sun. It is like a nourishing balm for your Mind Body and Soul. A gift to a ‘newborn star’.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

*You Are The Veil!*

A few months ago I woke up on a Sunday morning and quickly found myself standing on the living room floor in my baggy PJ’s burning sage and waving a feather in the air. 

As I walked around the room, distributing smoke, smudging, talking to the angels, chanting a spontaneous prayer of rinsing and healing, I witnessed an inner dialogue commencing in my whole being. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

*Angel Cola*

Yes. It’s one of those stories. A miracle tale. Involving God, Jesus, and the lot. Mhmm. Absolutely. So, if rainbows and unicorns and ‘mushy’ talk is not your cup of tea I suggest you skip this one.


Valencia city, May 2017

Doubt! BAM! God damn it! Why now?

Absolute immobilizing fear! Why does doubt have that horrendous paralyzing effect on one’s being?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

*But, Who Are You?*

“I call myself an entrepreneur, a heartpreneur, a femmepreneur. Artist of the Heart. Writer, Poet. A Visionary, CEO, a Founder. Identification! Looking for it, searching for it. When dropped, our true individuality comes forth, the individuality of oneness born from our creator's compassion, born from true love between earth and spirit, our soul ~ 

Monday, May 9, 2016

*In the midst of Sisterhoods, let's not forget our Friends*


El Faro, Southern Spain, May 2016

I had a friend once. We shared deeply and passionately. Then we became ‘sisters’. 

I don‘t know what happened exactly. Well, now I’m lying. I know exactly what happened. But the story weaves itself wide and deep, between countries, continents, and lifetimes, involving many, and involving none. Therefore multi-layered and laden with human life lessons, soul stirrings, and healings. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

*The Baby Post*


Elviria Hills, Southern Spain, April 2016

My 36th! No whoops, I just celebrated my 37th birthday! :)

After turning 32, I‘ve usually been off by a year or two when asked my age. The years, the age, it all just seems clustered together under one big roof with an even bigger thirtysomething sign on top. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

*The Ultimate Women Empowerment*

The ultimate women empowerment is the remembering of oneself as the divine. Beyond identification with form. Beyond gender. This is the awakening of consciousness to its true sacred self. Thus, the Empowered Woman is one who has stripped herself bare of gender ideals and concepts. She sees herself in everything and everyone as she has remembered her true faceless identity of immaculate beauty. Her mirror reflection is sacred presence. Therefore she can profoundly embrace womanhood as nothing obscures her vision of reality nor obstructs her expression of truth.