Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post 1o1o1o post

Wow, 2 years have past.. it's amazing, isn't it? It sure doesn't feel like a floating timezone anymore, now it just passes, time there is. It can be difficult to stay in the NOW when you've got deadlines and 'hand in dates' and it feels like time almost confines you, it keeps running away all the time.. hahaha.. must laugh at it, Time is what you make it to be.

Instead of promising 'tomorrows', that never arrive, at least not on this blog, it is probably most relieving for me and healing to just write.. I don't have to make updates.. for whom? me?
So, thanks to my friend Solveig, who just started bloggin',, I found my blog again whilst commenting on her blog.. so .. this is good, good, goooood.. like Jim Carey would say it.. gooooood!

Time. I have loved how much I have noticed the seasons this year. It is proper to talk about it now, winter just started and not that far away in the future is the next winter solstice when the cycle starts again. This noticing the cycles of the seasons has connected me profoundly with nature, the sky, the weather.

I loved watching spring reviving everything this year, it was amazing. I rented a favorite of mine, The Secret Garden, a children's book from the library, where the coming of spring and summer is intertwined with the kindling of childhood joy and laughter for Mary Lennox, the main character. She was still just a girl, but had never experienced being truly happy and free, like children need to feel. It's wonderfully uplifting to read. Funny enough, whilst reading, the snow was still hammering the windows here in Iceland, but spring was in the air. You could just feel it, everywhere, in the hearts of the nation.

I felt summer taking over from spring and than autumn taking over from summer, and now winter just began. Observing and feeling, sensing the cycles as much as I have been doing for the first time this year, is perhaps the reason for me syncing my cycles with the full moon cycle. For the second time now my bleeding has started on a full moon. I read somewhere that full moon and menstruation at the same time can be an overwhelming experience. I have felt it! The energy of full moon menstruation is outward and world-nourishing and you have to be a real bundle of energy to be happy and satisfied with your work under this charged condition. 

During this time, the most powerful magic can be worked and influence exerted, so it is both filled with challenges but opportunities at the same time. I also read that the natural cycle of women who live and sleep out in the open away from artificial light is to ovulate on the full moon and menstruate on the new moon. It was a fascinating read, we know how we women tend to sync our cycles with each other, friends or women in the same household. This is how it used to be for indigenous women, living in the same tribe, they all bled together. In some tribes it was custom that the women would go together, during this time, and honor the bleeding cycles, the cycles of the earth and the moon, honor the womb, Mother Earth. They would do ceremonies and and pass on wisdom from mother to daughter. The Bleeding Lodge was the heading of the article I am quoting from.

I feel how the moon has started to have mesmerizing influences on me, I love the moon! as simple as that.. hahaha.. Last full moon I got out of bed and went outside in my pajamas.. it was calling me. I couldn't see it out of the window, none of my windows, but I sensed the pulling effect so strongly, I just had to go out and see it, bathe in the light from it and be awinspired by it! 

I put my boyfriend's big jacket over my pJ's and put a hat on and out I went, barefoot in my winterboots. It felt nice. WOW, it was beautiful, almost not a cloud in the sky, it was so perfect, and with colorful glow around that made it look even bigger. Last full moon I went outside and did a little ceremony at midnight. This time, such a not-a-coincidence occurred (thats what I call coincidences that are absolutely not such things, but definitely meant-to-be-moments) I was standing there gazing at the sky,stunned by and communicating with the powerful moon, the church bells started ringing, 12 times. It was midnight again, and I was gazing.. gazing..
.. a Moon cycle goddess, ready to be awakened*