Friday, October 25, 2013

*The Sacred Masculine*

This is not my first post about Masculinity~Femininity, and it sure isn't my last one. But it is an important one.

Yesterday, as often before, I was searching for the Sacred Masculine. Well, I do wake up next to it every single morning, next to my Man, the love of my life, the Gold of my life, my partner, always blessing me with his great big smile and warm heart :) I love you and your Sacred Masculinity * But yesterday I watched a movie, a wonderful film centred on a little girl that finds solace in the arms of the Goddess. But like in so many other movies the main male figure was so mean. He was so mean. It saddened me terribly. So I started the search for the Sacred Masculine on the www, and to my sheer pleasure and joy, after following a very interesting path, I came across Xavier Rudd* And what a gem he is* Pure heart and soul. A true peaceful warrior.

As for the Goddess, the Sacred Masculine has many faces, forms, and vibrations. The healing sounds of Xavier is one of them. Now I am so glad to be able to enjoy the blessings of the Sacred Masculine through his sounds, so I need to share the enjoyment*


As the sacred feminine rises it is so important to honour the male side simultaneously, the Sacred Masculine. We Goddesses, we do not want to walk behind men anymore, but we do not want to walk in front of them either. We want to walk next to them side by side** We live in a time when the medicine of the indigenous people is much needed to heal and to hold. Please wise ones, hear our prayers. Don't give up on us. We are calling out to you* We need your strength and wisdom* Thank you* We revere the ways of the old land, and we look back for guidance from our elders. Each memory of a long gone golden time on the Earth Mother strikes a chord within our hearts. But we do not want to go back in time. A new dawn is upon us. We are creating a new reality. Not all was good in those days either. We are creating the Now of Togetherness*  

I have lived many lives as a woman. I've also lived many lives as a man. During many of my incarnations as a woman I have had to endure severe cruelty by the hands of men. So it was, and so it is for many. Today, in this lifetime I enjoy the blessings of being nurtured, protected and loved by men, but I wear my old scars from my past lifetimes. I feel and I sense. I am still healing* It can be tough.

I believe we can best heal the gap between men and women by unifying their distinct energies within our own hearts. Feel and sense we are One, and that we belong together. We live in a dualistic world, a world of opposites ~ and I believe we are here to learn how to, cope’ with that, to use that not-so-spiritual-word for it. Well, it hasn't been easy. But when we manage to transcend the, coping’ and we start working with those magnificent energies, we make miracles happen. We do alchemy together*

Gold is the color of the sacred fire, carrying abundant masculine energy. It is rich, warm and generous. At its highest level it emanates divine protection and deep spiritual wisdom.

It would make me so happy if we would start to pay more attention to the good in men. Show more positive images of men, and all their efforts. I am imagining that it can be a bit tough to be a young man in today’s society.. who are their true role models? Not to belittle the role of the fathers and grandfathers, but the world is changing so rapidly, and the old ways of looking at the relationships between men and women and gender roles in general is changing fast. Woman are rising up. We are living in an era which will see The Return of the Sacred Feminine and the Solar Feminine. We are living during a Great Shift in consciousness. 

I urge everyone I know to give this a little thought. Will we raise a generation of lost boys? I do not have children on my own, but I take notice, I’m aware, and so much around me makes my heart sing, but so much around me makes my heart cry as well. Perhaps sex education in schools should undergo a crucial change. It should be all about respect and honouring the genders first I believe, then we can teach about sex. Perhaps the two could go hand in hand. How many boys and girls today would describe the female body as being sacred? A sacred chalice with the ability to carry new life?

This all goes hand in hand, educating young girls about their worth, that they are Goddesses with all the right in the world to live an abundant life, be safe, express themselves freely and be treated equal to boys and later men. To educate boys about their worth, that they are Sacred, and capable of being both fierce and tender, the protectors of life, and that they have all the right in the world to live their lives in radiance, next to women.  

I bid adieu, and leave you with these soft yet strong sounds of Xavier Rudd* Follow the Sun*