Thursday, February 19, 2015


* How exciting Life can be! It doesn't always have to be so, but when you feel the rush of excitement and creativity flowing through your body-mind, emanating from you heart, your soul and spirit in union encouraging you to be who you are and spring forth, become a part of the lighter realms of Life, smell the aroma of all the beautiful colors and taste the landscape with your inner senses ~ WOW! then, then everything stirs and one little ray of sunlight breaking through the February clouds, makes you wanna fly in ecstasy from the knowing, YES, the knowing that brighter days are a head! Just around the corner there's sunshine, green grass, blue skies, fresh rivers and cascading waterfalls, so willing to infuse you with the energy of flow and joy. WONDERFUL! If I could be even just a little bit more grateful for darkness, the enveloping dimness allowing for this sensation of rebirth, I would probably burst!*