Wednesday, January 12, 2011

*11.01.2011* The Serpent Rising

Transformational things are happening to me, and to put it shortly, a purple snake came to me in a dream. It was accompanied by another one, more earth toned in color. Today holds potent energy, lots of ones, I made a big decision and I feel a change within. I need to do more research and converse with my soul and then I want to write about this more thoroughly. There is change in the air, and I feel it is necessary for me to put it into words. There is so much I want to share.

The serpent holds many symbolic meanings, but the first one that came to me when I woke up was transformation. The ability to shed ones skin. A rebirth in a sense, because when I went to sleep yesterday I was facing a big question that I needed my Higher Self's guidance with. Believing in my own strength and heading in a new direction, guided by the purple snake medicine, is the next part on Soley's Journey*

I found a lot of fascinating information about what the snake or the serpent symbolizes on the following site: