Tuesday, October 27, 2015

*Autumn Poem for Soul and Psyche*

Autumn Poem for Soul and Psyche


Like the tree that loses its leaves
Left exposed
Its branches naked and shy

We too must release
Shed layers

Vulnerability is inevitable

Release like Mother Earth
Let the leaves fall ~ bathe in the west winds ~ cleanse your body mind, your soul, your psyche

Our light grows stronger and stronger the more we let go of heavy burdens.
Fear, anger, self doubt. Let’s harmonize with Mother Nature’s autumn flow, and release ever so effortlessly, resistance free.


Shed layers
Shed skin
Shed tears of sorrows past

Shed leaves of irritation
And shells of separation

Yes do it wise one!  It’s time.

In harmony with Mother Nature
Drop old gains and glory
Release your growth
To feed your present story

Don’t hold so tight
Take courage
Lose the grip


You’ve done well
Harvested this cycle’s gifts and blessings
Now it’s time to give thanks and let go!

One two three, release!

Light or heavy
Allow it all be swept away
Into the vortex of time and space
It has served its purpose
It is time to say goodbye
Release it to God
To Source
Bid aDieu

Have heart sweet one  

Become bare again ~ Lighten your load
Unveil your true self in the process

Allow the growing darkness to comfort you
As the past trickles down your cheek
To support and to hold you, to cover you
As you slowly undress

Those armors must be heavy beautiful one

For years and years
You’ve clad yourself in heavy steel

For protection
I know

And those quills you’ve grown
Through the steel
They can’t defend you either

I’m so sorry
But it is the truth!

You, a beautiful child of Love Universal
You must feel your feelings

O those heavy burdens you carry!
Layers upon layers of pain and grief
Upon armors and armors of hesitant pride


They have only kept you separated
From your true self
From that spectacular wonder
Of sensing Oneness

Sensing God
As You
Within every single cell

Now let it all go!
All those pains of the past
All those burdens and fake protection

You don’t have to be afraid anymore
I will help you
The  wounds will heal
I promise
From my heart to yours

Feel the miraculous relief
As they drop from your shoulders
The heavy armors
As they hit the floor
And the feeling of emergence sweeps all your senses
You gasp for air
You fill your lungs with the breath of God
The Breath of Grace
The Breath of Love

From underneath all that steel   
Your luminous self has appeared
Radiant, free and blissful

Marvel in the freedom sweet one
Enjoy the lightness of being
Embrace your divinity

I’m still here
I’m with you
All is good
All is well

Enlightenment is yours

By Helga Sóley ~ Woman of Vision