Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Timeless Zone

What is the floating time zone?
The floating time zone is used when there is no known time zone that can be used, or when you simply do not care about time zones for what you are doing. If you compare a floating time with a time with a time zone using either the compare method or one of the overloaded comparisons (==, etc.) then the floating time is converted to the other zone for comparison

.a good description of how I've been floating between time and dimension, my timeless zone for the Time being, and since I wrote the only thing I've written since I came, and that was.. a MONTH AGO?? last week? or was it in February?
.pictures say more than 1000 words, so I guess video clips say.. hmmm.. a lot ! So here comes..

~ One Thousand and a lot of One Nights ~

.before I left Chicago I bought a camera
.isn't my love just the most gorgeous man
* my eyes and heart say yes *

.the winter wonderland view from my room

Well, problems with uploading my videos so I suppose it's gonna have to be
.to be continued


Laura said...

He sure is :) And the view is great... made a snowman yet? :)

Paul Allen said...

Warning! Hunk-of-a-man in photo!