Sunday, December 26, 2010

*Birth of Light*

Christmas time. The celebration of the birth of light, the reunion of Love and Compassion, that brings forth beauty and new creations.

* Merry Luminous Light everyone *

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Gypsy Goddess    Pearly  Satin   Fruity  fragrance  Flourishing Flowers  Divine dancer  Candy-esque Jucylicious  Bouncy    Peace   Lucky Fortune  Spiral   Hope Blessedness   Happiness   Brother Sun AND Sister Moon

Prosperity  Destiny  Enlightenment   Beam  Trinity   Harmony   Bountiful  Bliss  
 Butterfly  Blossoming   Shiva    Rejoice   Heart Chakra   AirBalloons Felicity Joy *Glimmeryglitz*  Alive as Light  Angelic Gracefulness Smooth   Halo   Wave

Lustrous Velvety Voluptuous Plum Delightful  Yummie! Nectarious   Burst  Radiant Glittery     Victory  Cup  Luminous    Loveliness  Crunchy Colors  

Moonlight Tranquility   SOFTGracious Smile   Glory lovely  Lily Amber 
Moving  Flowing  Cherry Blossom Joyous Journeys Esoteric   Deva   Colorful  Shimmering   Vivid   Aura  Pilli Palla  Twinkling star  Sanskrit Wonder  Serenity Joice Stillness Anis Elegance Charm        Darling buds    Citrus Scent  
Passionate Vivacious exuberant rose Abundance   Balance  droplets SWEET  honeydew

 Sensational     Savory Coconut Delish    Sparkling Bouquet Lavender Balm Lotus  Aroma  To grace ~ To embellish ~ To Beautify    Scarlet Blush    Shining  Lilac  Horn of plenty   Lavish  Grace   Daisy delovely  Delicious delight