Friday, February 15, 2008

New Comfort Zone in the Making

Snow covered little castle, detox, vegetables, unsecurity, beautiful surroundings, two old dogs, deva premal, another dog, 5 horses, snow snow snow, hot tub, buddah head burried in the snow, wind pipes in a tree, feels like I'm in heaven, calm and quiet, squirrel, fisher (nasty animal), frozen lake covered in snow, mystic fog, relaxation, yoga, morning mantra, hot water with lemon maple syrup and cayenne pepper, big fire place, King Arthur, walking in the forrest, snow shoeing, mud bath, massage oils, essential oils, self-doubt, alkaline based diet, craving chocolate on a very high level, more detox, himalayan salt detox bath, head massage, facial, my cozy room, room 5, extention 230, no wireless internet, missing Kristjan, mission and vision, Madeleine Marentette the owner, nice staff, guests in massage slippers and silk robes, I also got a set, feeling sometimes like I'm in the way, the marketing department and I,, feeling isolated, alone in the castle, Lancelot and Galahad, Kotler is my new best friend, delicious food, Ohh my god delicious food, deeetoooxx, waiting for meal times, those are the best times of the day, royal colours, the scent of burning wood all the time, Breakfast 8, Lunch 12.30, Dinner 18, yet another dog, this one called Sandy, gorgeous bed, fresh linen, feel like a princess, organizing notes, made a true friend, Christine, crystals and a fountain, softness, getting more and more oriented, flowers, cool big lamps, statue of Quan Yin, sofas in the great hall, blankets and patterns, Desperately Seeking Wireless Internet, Marcia and her healing hands and presence, hunger between mealtimes, almonds, apples, prunes, tea tea tea, hemp seeds, love it when they serve chicken and fish, not missing coke or soda at all!!, soy products bad for us, tofu a big no no, trip to town, Bill bought me a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie, yummie yummie yummie...................
lacking a social life, peaceful environment, relaxation, sleeping a lot, going to bed at nine o'clock, alone after 22, The perfect place but with out my friends, making new ones, thinking positive, Denise, Sherry and Andrea are really really nice, Alexi (one of the chefs) told me she'd take me to Toronto one day, JEIIj, fitness room, best opportunity in the world for me to start building the foundation for my future, spiritually, mentally and physically, feeling optimistic, excited, have projects lined up, going out tomorrow, missing Kristjan, will hear life music tomorrow evening, going with Christine, she'll bring me chocolate when she returns :-) :-D