Monday, August 19, 2013

*I am enough ~ I am divine*

I got goose bumps all over when my friend told me that Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the Moon had aligned in the astrological configuration known as the Star of David on July 29th. 

The reason for the chill up my spine, was that two days after this auspicious celestial event, which I was totally unaware of, I found to my great surprise, my lost necklace with the six pointed Star of David. 

The Star had been given to me two years earlier and I had treasured it as one of my power objects. It had, and has, a very special meaning to me, but at that day I was certain it was no longer in my possession. I had given up all hope of ever finding it again after searching everywhere for it for days. It was almost like it had vanished into thin air, along with many of my other treasured power objects. 

The ‘vanishing’ of those objects was so mystical to me, that I even asked my higher self and Father Spirit and Mother Earth to guide me, to find them or give me answers to this disappearance of my sacred power objects.
I was honored with an answer and the conclusion, that ‘the vanishing’ was a part of my spiritual learning and process. The ‘vanishing’ was reminding me that I am enough, that I am divine! It was assisting me to sense my true identity as a Woman of Medicine and Healing, walking the Earth in this Now as we recognize it. It was teaching me to sense myself as truly possessing magnificent gifts on my own, without any aid from sacred power objects, totally stripped bare of any mediums to channel energy, or ‘power up’ my ceremonies! 

My higher self was reminding me, that for me to practice the sacred act of energy work in my manifested form as a human,  using my sacred temple, my body, as a tool, I had to remember the source of my own strengths and powers. 

Our potentials far exceed what our minds can understand, so I was being asked to practice using my heart, and my heart alone, in my spiritual work, as to reinforce my heart’s communication with Earth and Spirit, honoring their sacred union in so doing.

Then to my great surprise, after weeks of ‘training’ my heart’s communication skills, I find my six pointed star again, and that two days after the configuration of the Star of David in outer space. I just love that! Ooohhh what thrill it is, to be in this body, a soul having a human experience* Love it! It is so gratifying to sense the response from the Universe, as we consciously align ourselves more and more to the rhythms of ‘All there Is’, to Oneness*

Many think of the Star of David and its symbolism only in relation to the Jewish faith, but it is sacred to many others religions and spiritual groups. The Star of David, this six pointed star, has two triangles interlocking, symbolizing the sacred unison of the masculine and the feminine energies. I love the vibration from it, the sacred marriage of the opposites.

The upward pointing triangle represents the Divine Masculine (yang)/ Heaven and Spirit, and our 3 top chakras, the Crown, our 3rd Eye and our Throat chakra. It symbolizes our connection and communication with Spirit. The downward facing triangle represents the Divine Feminine (yin)/ Mother Earth and the Goddess, and our three lower chakras, the Root chakra, the Sacral and the Solar plexus. It symbolizes our connection and communication with Matter. So you see where this is leading us!


When these two majestic triangles meet, it represents a true love relationship where Heaven meets Earth. Ohhhh I love it so! The intense love is felt within our own human hearts as the Pulse of Life ~ Womb of Creation.

We ARE this love manifested! We are the rainbow bridge, and therefore it is our birthright, and if I may add, the most natural thing in the world for us to accept and enjoy the gifts of LIFE, the Abundance, the Peace, the grand Love, the deep Compassion, and all that JOY*

For me to find the six pointed Star again, was like being gifted with a blessing from Mother Earth and Spirit Father. Now I have been recognized by the Divine, the Universal Energies as a true Goddess of Love. I feel like I have completed a very sacred rite of passage in my life, that allows me to practice the sacred act of Energy work and healing here on Earth, and that now I can work with the help of sacred tools. Now I can ask for sacred power objects to come my way, if I so choose, to work with me as my allies, not as an extension of me as a Medicine Woman, but more like 1+1=3.

Now after remembering my true powers, remembering the source of my strengths and after my ‘training’ in ‘Heart-alignment’ I can call upon my sacred power tools, as I expand. But on this one condition, and that is to always remember, that I, myself, am a channel for great energetic vibration! I, this human manifestation, I am a sacred power object. I am the love manifested between the Heaven and the Earth. I am a part of ALL there is, I am a part of the web of Light, of Love and of Life. We are all One, and we can all individually draw on the powers of the Universe, our Father and our Mother with our own might. As we are their children* 

On a beautiful day with my beloved, and my sacred STAR*

ི♥ྀ On August 25th the planets will align themselves again and form the Star of David. Every day is the perfect day to tune into the frequency of Love and Peace, but when a celestial event like the formation of the star of David occurs, it makes for a Special Event ~ So if you feel like celebrating Love, Peace and Abundance I suggest preparing something special for that special day :) All my Love & Light* Sóley ~ Woman of Vision* 

Friday, August 9, 2013

~ Su Li ~

... I had such a wonderful experience on New Moon Night, 6th of August. I was sitting by the ocean near my home (some genius has erected three poles there, and laid big nets over them, so ta ta! 2 hammocks for passers by to relax, swing just a little, and enjoy the horizon and the sea breeze) So yes, I was there enjoying the view and the weightlessness of rocking myself with one foot whilst somehow 'hanging' comfortably on the hammock ~ It was a really pleasant experience ~ I had gone out just before the exact time of the New Moon here in Iceland ~ with the intention to communicate with my council, my spirit guides. I have yet to make formal contact, so to speak, though I often converse with some of them, but I know and sense they are many, and I longed to talk to them. 

So there I was lulling myself into a calm state tuning my attention inwards as the evening, so calm and beautiful, had enticed quite a number of people to go outside for an evening walk by the sea. And then I felt her presence ~ Su Li, my twin sister from another life! I know, .. it is amazing* I am so grateful* And the way images started flooding towards me, and emotions, and memories, it was beautiful* It brought tears to my eyes* She is here with me when I write, when I go into that trance like state of creation, and I just wish I could type faster.  .. 

Artwork by Midolluin

By Sóley ~ Woman of Vision

Su Li

How you came to me ..
Touched my crown, lightly, but warmly
Made sure I would feel your warmth, your tenderness
As before, when we were one, in two bodies

My beautiful twin sister
You were dark
I was light

We used to write together, laugh together
...we helped each other with everything
I don‘t remember our mother‘s face
Only her long flowing black hair down her shoulders
And father, 
He was strong, soft, so beautiful, with a heart of Gold
He lit every room he walked into
With his aura of compassion and courage

We were their daughters
Their two sparkling stars
Their two cherry berries
Together on a stalk

We were so loved 

Thank you for reaching out to me
Through veils of time and space
To your beautiful twin sister

I was light 
You were dark

By the pond we played and giggled
The pink and white lotuses so beautiful and serene

Like the color of the sky above last night
When the moon was dark 
And you touched my crown with your tender touch

I was calling out 
And you heard me 
Though lifetimes a part