Friday, September 21, 2012

*The Fall into Freedom*

 Equinox is around the corner! We step into Libra and for a day, light equals the dark. Now is the perfect time to gift ourselves with a few moments of relaxation and reflection. To be still in our being-ness, reflect on our blessings and emanate gratitude to the cosmos.  Feel the balance and the harmony that truly surrounds us every day of our lives. The Beauty, the Creation, the Alchemy*

The path to this wonder is found within our hearts   ི♥ྀ

The Great Wheel is turning. Here in Iceland, in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the winds of autumn, which play with our cheeks as we symbolically dance into the West where the sun sets and the water runs. Nature slowly dresses into her autumnal nightgown, yellow, red and brown, ready to go to rest in a little while.  In a few weeks’ time the dark mother will rock her to sleep, under a starry sky where the Northern Lights dance.

At this crossing it is important to honor the cycles, to be aware of how we are feeling, and to consciously center ourselves. Tend to our sacred fire, stay in our shamanic center. Not falter.

When autumn comes, when we ‘fall’ into darkness, psychologically for most of us, it can be much harder than stepping into the light at Spring Equinox. We are so used to our material world and to react to our outer world that we may ignore what is happening within. When darkness falls we may start to feel blue and heavy, and we might not even know why. The rays of the sun seize to reach us and embrace us with warmth and radiance so we forget that true radiance is found within. How dim existence becomes if we lose sight of our divinity! The darkness closes in on us, we start feeling trapped and that is when the shadow creatures come out. We feel their presence in our spine, how they observe our every move, lurking in each corner, ready to attack. But let us then remember the lessons that are found in the depths of darkness.

If we drop our daily hustles for a moment, if we calm our minds and we listen, quietly, at our heart and its wisdom, it will whisper the truth, the truth about the shadow creatures.

“Dear one, pay attention! The shadow creatures are to be honored and respected. They are great teachers in disguise. Their nature is dark, but we are one, the darkness and the light. They remind us of past dramas, doubts and fears and their energy is so potent and powerful that we lock them up and put them in shackles. We are afraid of them so we try to ignore their existence. We pretend they don’t exist. But underneath they squirm and twist and turn, because the truth of it is that all they long for is their freedom!

Please release the shadow creatures and learn to love them. Make peace with them. Express gratitude for their lessons and free them. After all, the shadow creatures are your own dark mirror images my dear one.  Their shackles are your own shackles. Once you choose to dissolve them with altered perception, you become Light, and you can flow freely.

Surrender and release your burdens and your prayers to Great Spirit and Mother Earth. Layer by layer free yourself of the false self, tame it and enjoy riding the majestic dragon. Be one with it, not of it. Be the powerful being that you know you already are”.

So it is, instead of letting the increased darkness of autumn and winter force us into our shell and weigh us down, we can decide to embrace our shadow side and respect its power, harness it. It will no longer rule over us but fuel us with increased will and stamina. With this revived understanding and altered perception we will feel liberated to live our lives to the fullest, without boundaries and we will let ourselves flow freely in total trust in our divine purpose and guidance.

Let our sacred witness be our guide as we sail on the dark waters of the West in preparation for the Great Shift of the Ages at Winter Solstice. When we will dock our boat on the North shores, tie our ropes to Wisdom Rock, we will have gained the will, courage, gentleness and clarity to fly with Spirit.  In great respect and utter reverence for the male cycle that is about to end, we will majestically take the last few wing strokes of this time together and then fly through the gates of transition. On December 22 2012 a new humanity will be born, under the protective wings of the female embrace.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

*Amazing Artist~ Beautiful Heart*
Artist Rassouli:

“What I portray in my paintings of women is what I sense to be feminine power. Far more than simply an outer beauty to enjoy, I seek to expose the sensitivity and radiance that glows from within the feminine essence. Women have the capacity to be agents of peace and reconciliation, and are willing to explore innovative creative solutions to our human conflicts and global earthly challenges.”



Monday, September 17, 2012

*New Moon Blessings*

Dark of the Moon, new beginnings;
Dark of the Moon, plant a seed tonight;
Dark of the Moon, what we envision
Will come to be, by the Full Moon’s light.