Sunday, February 10, 2013

*Lunar New Year 2013 ~ The Year of the Water Snake begins* New Moon in Aquarius*

*The Powerful Female (Yin) Cycle of 2013 has now begun*

                                                                     Art: Lena Sokol

I don’t know .. I’m a bit bewildered.

I’m both terrified at, and utterly humble towards the powerful Snake Medicine. There are no snakes in Iceland, not even little brown ones in high grass fields like in Sweden, and I think even in Denmark as well. It could never happen that I would incidentally bump into a snake in its natural habitats here. So I’ve never seen one. Ohh, wait, I did see one once. 

It was a huge snake (in my opinion) in a glass cage at a guy’s place I remotely knew once. He kept the snake as an ‘exotic pet’. Illegal and all, but you know how it is... I remember not liking it one bit; the whole scenario, the guy, where he lived, the atmosphere, and the poor snake. I remember how afraid I was at ‘him’, the snake that is, but at the same time I felt so so sorry for the poor animal. Being caged like that, it could hardly move. But then again, I know nothing of snakes, and in what position they like to ‘chill’ in. Sorry, I don’t want to sound sarcastic, but it was just all so unreal and uncomfortable to me that experience. Becoming sarcastic is, I think, my defence mechanism.

It’s a whole other story to draw the ‘snake’ from a deck of Medicine cards, become all wise with eyes a bit peered, nodding the head in a  ‘..mhmmmm, the SNAKE, very powerful animal, with deep potent wisdom’ kind of way.

So just now, when I was browsing, looking for beautiful and catchy pictures for the Lunar New Year 2013 blog and the Year of the Black Water Snake, I caught myself feeling utterly shallow.

The truth is that I am terrified of snakes! I don’t know what I would do if I would meet one one day. Just the idea of traveling somewhere where there could be snakes gives me goose bumps. 

So I don’t know ..
Does that mean something then, on a spiritual level, for me? I mean, has my snake-fear anything to do with my spiritual growth?

Yes please, just go on and laugh..that’s ok J  but  seriously, I mean it!  I, who am so much into all things spiritual and mystic, I just couldn't screen out this thought. Does my fear of snakes have a deeper spiritual meaning!

The Snake, the symbolism attached to the snake is massive, for a lack of a better word. Perhaps immense is better.  The snake symbolism is everywhere; it goes way back in history, and is tightly woven to our evolution as species and to our spiritual awakening. Just to roughly type what’s on the top of my mind; The Bible, Eden, Eve and the Snake. The Kundalini energy, often depicted as a snake rising up through our Chakras, dormant, coiled in our root chakra until we consciously work with it. Then Greek mythology is swarming with snakes; The Greek god’s Hermes winged staff with two snakes. Also the staff with one circling snake, the medicine and healing staff, that I’m pretty sure has Greek origins as well,  and then the Greek Goddess with all the snakes on her head, I don’t remember her name, and I’m not going to google it. (Medusa, ok, I googled it).
Yes, the snake has been a strong character in many books and cave paintings, sacred spiritual texts.  And then of course in Harry Potter!

To me, because I have been working with my dad’s Animal Medicine Cards since I was 13, the snake to me means transmutation. Not transformation like the medicine of the butterfly, but transmutation referring to a deeper, in some cases more painful, change. I will include a link to read:

The Female and Creation, Healing, Wisdom, Alchemy is inherent to the snake symbolism in my perception. I also perceive the snake in the West, assisting with death and rebirth. Mother Earth gave me a snake totem to carry once, (a wood piece, quite big, that was snake shaped) I carried it fastened in my belt in ceremonies. It came to me when I truly needed its medicine. It helped me enormously when going through great transmutation in my life.

I can’t seem to be able to make a conclusion to this post. Perhaps I’m not supposed to. The snake is perhaps endlessly entwined around existence, like a spiral, and doesn't want to have an end!

I'm sure the Snake will reveal itself to those who understand its power and wisdom* 
*Good Night and Blessssssssed night*

Saturday, February 9, 2013

*When feeling Sorry becomes Evolution*

For this Saturday I want to post a video, its been a while since I did that :) :D Enjoy the groovy beats*


I don't know the lyrics to it, but the name of the song is Sorry*
Sometimes we just feel sorry, maybe for something we did or said and we wish we hadn't, or about something close or remote to us. And it is OK to experience the feeling~emotion. Some would say "don't feel sorry", or as the homeless man said to my boyfriend after asking for some change, which my boyfriend didn't have and therefore answered something something, and  "..... I'm sorry..", then the homeless man replied: "Don't be sorry, be successful".

But feeling sorry, at least reflects a stirring within ones heart and that's why I think feeling sorry once in a while is OK. We should in fact celebrate the notion of it. It means we are humans, and that we can make mistakes, which we then become aware of and want to change for the better and that is evolution.

Hahahahah... so after writing this I have come to the conclusion that 'sorry' is synonymous to 'evolution'  ;)
I think that is just great for this Saturday* Lets enjoy it, and the New Moon tomorrow. We are now within the dark phase of the moon, experiencing the Balsamic Moon phase, the last 2/3 days of the Lunar cycle. We embrace the dark and give thanks to its potency*

Love and Miracles to All

Yours, Helga Sóley

Saturday, February 2, 2013

*Honoring the Swelling Belly*

*Brigit's Day ~ 2nd of February*
Candlemas ~ Imbolc  

There are stirrings within the womb of Mother Earth. Light is quickening* 

The seeds that were planted on Winter Solstice are beginning to sprout. 

We are now midway between the solstice and the gifts of Ostara, so the promise of spring is around the corner. Imbolc means 'in the belly', or 'around the belly', in honor of the swelling belly of  the Earth Mother. I think that is so beautiful*

Today we light a candle for the Celtic Goddess Brigit, the Triple Fire Goddess.  
As for many other pagan Goddesses, today she is also revered as a 
Christian saint.  God~Goddess moves in mysterious ways ;) 

Brigit's three aspects are the Fire of Inspiration as patroness of poetry
Fire of the Hearth, as patroness of healing and fertility, and Fire of the Forge, as patroness of smithcraft and martial arts.

She has many sides and faces to her, but she is always associated with fire, and to me that also means courage, and the strength to carry on. In the Northern hemisphere we are starting to feel the heavy burden of a long winter, thankful for all the lessons,  but longing for more light and lightness in Life.  Brigit gives us that extra spark to keep on, not to fall back and give up. 
She is the bringer of hope*

Today I dedicate my candle prayer to Brigit, to ANU the Mother of Goddesses and to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet
Live well and be Happy*