Friday, June 24, 2022

*A Day of Teardrops*


June 24th of Tenderness

A tender vulnerable day today

I would love to share out loud how I’m feeling.

My healing journey with acute leukemia, which began September last, was and has been so deeply interwoven with my Venus unfoldment and my life with the Gene Keys overall, that it feels unreal sometimes. It’s almost like I have been, and still am, living out a fairy tale every day, with its magical symbolism and synchronicities like red threads unwinding the story.

Like when I had to be moved to the FOURTH floor, to the HEART ward of the hospital, on what was supposed to be my fifth and last day of my fourth and last chemotherapy. I was to be administered my two very last bags of medicine, bags 52 and 53, but my heart was beating so slowly, that it had to be monitored before and whilst they gave me those two last bags. There I stayed for 3 and a half days.