Saturday, December 10, 2011

*Long Nights Full Moon*

Beautiful people, beautiful life.

I love my bedroom window. I don‘t have an ocean view, seeing the sun rise and set each day. I can’t see any snow covered mountain tops and there is no green forest calling my name, alluring me to come and play with the forest fairies and enchanted beings. But I can see the sky!

This morning I woke up with this soothing yellow, pinkish light filling the room with calmness and softness. It was so beautiful. I turned around in bed, with my head where my feet usually are, stacked pillows, cuddled my duvet and just watched the sky for a bit. The clouds were moving and I soon saw the sky. It was so crisp and ice blue, totally radiant. Like the inside of an iceberg. Then it started snowing. I think I have never seen snow fall down as slowly, I could almost talk to each individual snow flake. So Sacred.

In memory this will be the morning of the last Full Moon of 2011. Soon we will say goodbye to this year and take a journey through 2012. And who knows what that year will unfold.
The December full moon has been called a few names, but the one I connect the most with is The Full Long Nights Moon. Coming from Iceland I know long nights, and yes, now is the time where we almost desperately yearn for more light. But, there is magic in the darkness. Magic that gives birth to sacredness each morning of our lives.
Happy Full Moon, Long Nights Moon and Full Moon in Sagittarius. 
Ostara greetings*