Monday, January 23, 2012

~ New Moon & the return of the Water Dragon ~

I'm preparing for my New Moon ceremony tonight! I'm so excited! I feel like I have been waiting for this day for some years now.

It all made sence when I received a newsletter from White Wolf Journeys, Robbyne LaPlant, 4 days ago, a fascinating read about that today is the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. WOW! Love it. It gets me all excited. Water and Dragon, power, good luck and good fortune, growth, prosperity, FLOW. Robbyne inspired me to celebrate today, so today has been all about preparing and tuning into the auspicious year ahead. For a ritual, she  suggested a ceremony where you write your intentions on a paper, fold it towards you, signaling your receptivity, put it in a red envelope and under a candle, red preferably, but it is the intention that matters.

Before you write your intentions, you prepare your own sacred space, bring in all the elements, the candle for Fire, Water in a bowl or a glass, incence or a feather like I do for Air, and flower or stone to honor Earth. Aferwards I'm going to the Ocean to connect with the New Moon, the sacred water element.. and greet the Water Dragon, to welcome its energy into my life Ahhhhhhhh... BEAUTY*

I love this image I got sent from my beautiful friend, Grace. The Unity of Quan Yin and the Dragon, such pure strength and compassion. Support. Oneness. No slaying of dragons to portrait strength, but with compassion she is riding the dragon. They support eachother. It is symbolic for the wisdom of having your 'demons' serve you, not threaten you.

I wish you all magnificent and transformational changes* Love, Compassion and Lots of Laughter*

I decided to add this video to the post, very relevant and a good read with nice pics :) Enjoy* 

Friday, January 6, 2012

*Celebrating 'The Thirteenth' *

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet

The thirteenth and last day of Christmas is about to be whirled into the vortex of time. The 'Thirteenth' as we call it in Iceland, has as long as I remember been celebrated with bonfires, and parades with santa clauses and trolls singing and dancing. Around the fires the songs of elves travelling in the light of the Moon are sung and people light their last fireworks from New Year‘s Eve! Tonight is namely the night when the elves and the hidden people move between locations, so there is always the chance of us and them crossing paths on this magical eve!

The moon outside my kitchen window was immense tonight, with many colorful circles around it, breathtakingly beautiful. I tried to capture the magic of it on my camera, it worked  ok, but with the naked eye it was of course much bigger and I could see all the valleys and the shadows so clearly, and then so majestically embraced by these multicolored 'halos'.

I remember my parents making elfmasks for my sister and I. They were pretty, glittery pretty. I wish I had a photo to post, but just imagine paper eye-masks, covered with foil, with lots of lined up colored paliettes that made the eyebrows. The wholes for the eyes were exceptionally well cut, almond shaped and the tops of the masks were then cut in the shape of flames, very fine indeed. I loved wearing mine, it just made the whole experience of this particular eve of the 'Thirteenth' a very special one! 

Below are three famous elf songs sung on New Year's Eve and on the 'Thirteenth' in Iceland. They linger in my Icelandic childhood heart* Enjoy *

Sunday, January 1, 2012

*New Years Day of Joy*

I almost can't believe it! Is it really here? Has this long awaited year of 2012 arrived? It is a bit too much almost. Feel like laughing. So strange really. For so many years we have been hearing many things about what will happen in 2012, how the world will change in 2012, so many prophecies, meanings, interpretations and so much wisdom has been poured into our minds and hearts about this famous year. What will happen? Who knows? Well, I have a lot of suggestions, some of them I think are the right answers, maybe! Exactly, I don't have a clue. But what I do know is that some-thing, some-vibe, some peaceful energy, is on the horizon. I'm a believer, I believe that we can live in Harmony and Joy, I feel, I sense, and most importantly, I am. I am, and I am Light, maybe that's enough, maybe that reflects the beauty of simplicity, to just sense and experience that. Nothing more is essential. At least for the time being that’s my truth, I might make new discoveries tomorrow ;)

This is what today has brought me; to be Light, to be all Light means, not heavy, light in spirit, laugh, enjoy life, be energy, radiate, be powerful, be a star. Twinkle! Be the flame who can easily light another flame without becoming smaller or even seize to exist. Flame who sparks another person's flame. Flame, a torch who lights up the mundane life so many of us get wrapped in. Colourful, like the flame. Alive. And warm, it’s good to be a warm character. It's rewarding to us and to all around us.

The video beneath is from Norway, but it reminds me of my Mother Iceland, it could be from Iceland actually, and the Northern Lights... ohhh so beautiful. And Eivør's voice, enchanting, she is from the Farao Islands, but sings in many languages. Here is 'Den Liuse Dag', reminding us of the magic of New Years. I belive that from now until the 6th of January is a time when the veils between worlds is thin. On 'Threttándinn' or The Thirteenth (day of Christmas) we in Iceland celebrate the end of the holiday season, the official last day of Christmas, with bonfires and singing and the evening and night is dedicated to elves and other beings hidden to the naked eye. We open the doors to new adventures*

Happy and joyous 2012 to all*