Friday, December 28, 2012

* ..under the influence of the Full Cancer Moon* The Drops of Movement*

Water, water, water water...

The play of thrilling music with fast flashing images from around the globe, displaying all that is wrong in the world. Your heartbeat rises and a surge of rebellious, almost electrified vibrations flow through your body. You feel the urge to join hands with all the like minded people, your brothers and sisters around the world to stop all the nonsense, all the injustice and evil makings that harm and destroy our peace. The villains being so often those in power, WITH immense power, and both men and women.

We cannot understand their doings, but we want to love them nevertheless. That is the way forward, to send them love instead of hate and resentment. So we try really hard to love them. We try as much as we possibly can, right? considering all the emotional restraints of ‘a human condition’. The untying of those restraints, are undoubtedly lessons in disguise, the very precious gift of the soul.

In front of us are endless choices of which paths to choose, in all we do, in reacting to circumstances and people, in communications and never really knowing where those decision will lead us to, what the consequences will be like. Then trying to use memory and  common sense for guidance but unfortunately for the little decision maker on the shoulder, just doesn't work. Those memories are tied to other decisions that were perhaps made based on emotions or circumstances that don’t apply any more ‘cause the world has changed and new realities and dimensions keep winding up from nowhere….

We are running through the biggest ever-changing maze in the world, faced with great challenges and on top of it all blessed time is ticking in our ears. No! Resisting the current of negativity and the attempts to deactivate once and for all the switch for guilt trips and co-dependency, are the cherry on top. And then we have to love the bad guys! That's one tough cookie to digest.

Basically each decision-step we take is a leap of faith. So there we are, with our human guise torn open at the chest so the heart can breath with more ease, big sincere smiles and glistening eyes, throwing ourselves again and again into the abyss of the unknown. No wonder so many of us are feeling tired or exhausted.  

The Hymn of Wisdom, the embracing song of Oneness, the soothing sound of LOVE ALL – HARM NONE that from birth can be heard coming from our hearts, how often do those sweet notes of harmony get suffocated by the noise of relentless hammering of words of ignorance in our heads. The hammering of words which are permeated with fear and judgement towards so many things and other human beings, and worst of all, towards ourselves. All we long for is for the hammering to stop! Those voices constantly echo in our minds.

We need strong will and perseverance to slow down the hammer to a quiet stance and to altogether tune into the frequency of the heart. But we CAN do it if we want, if we choose to! No one said it was going to be easy. But we can stop the hammering! We all know world peace and harmony starts with us, with us individually, right? That we, each and every one of us, have to become the change we want to experience? What about stop pointing fingers at each other, and instead be grateful for the lessons we face as individuals of Oneness. We have the choice to be happy. We can stop being victims and take charge of our own destiny. May the bewildering maze become the Sacred Labyrinth for us all*

And then the flickering images of war, starvation and corruption fade out, and on the screen appear the faces of laughing children from all over the world, dancing in the rain and the sun, under a marvelous rainbow. Simultaneously the beautiful chorus of tribal voices come at you. No glitz, no glam, just deep and rich voices singing songs of the heart and the Earth Mother. Stirring your soul, reviving long lost memories of yourself living in harmony with all that exists! Within and without. The starry skies and the sparkling drops of the morning dew. The bountiful nature and swaying trees, rolling hills and flowing waterfalls. Multi-colored creatures of the seas or the lands, and our own species, the human, with its warmth and its kindness. It touches every chord in your heart and your eyes get all watery, blurring your sight. The short lived loss of eyesight gives your soul room to submerge into form and tears start running down your cheeks. The flowing drops of movement.

Why can‘t messages for love, peace, hope, new dreams, and miracles be just as emotionally provocative as any modern day blockbuster? 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

* The New Age *

Beautiful friends, dear family of light, near and far! 

I’m so grateful for sharing these magnificent times with you* With my heart filled with love and laughter,  I wish you transformational days ahead* I trust the journey and the shift will be a pleasant and enjoyable one and that we will all meet and celebrate the birth of a new age together in Spirit. The eye of the cosmic heart is open and sending us strength and courage.

This morning I heard a knock on the door that woke me from my sleep. I went to the door but there was no one there, in this dimension at least ;) I know it was THE wake-up call* The tribe is gathering and we are being summoned! The soft yet strong and nourishing female vibration is awakened and taking its place in sacred union with the masculine. Beautiful* Let us be the change, trust our intuition and increase our receptivity. That is what the moon teaches us. So effortless receptivity, it can’t help it. It is the moon’s nature and by being true to its ways, it receives and gives. True freedom* And above all let us not forget the childlike innocence and to have fun and laugh. Life is so filled with wonders and beauty* LIFE, and our role within it when taken seriously, can be such a burden when taken too seriously ;) True reverence for all there is, is filled with LIGHT and CREATION*

Love and freedom to all ~ and Joyous celebration of the Solstice and birth of Light/Journey into the Dark* How existence reflects its components in the opposite, creating Oneness, Beautiful! All interconnected! It’s absolutely amazing, truly STELLAR ;) *

Blessings, Hugs and kisses,
from my Sacred Heart to your Sacred Hearts ~ One Love
Helga Sóley

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Journey*

~ We were so close we could almost smell the sweet aroma of burning wood, the scent reaching out to us, swirling like dancers, the spirits of the North in disguise  alluring like sirens. The moment of gathering was steadily ripening and it longed for our presence.  The fires at Wisdom Rock had been lit, we could feel it in our bones. The journeying continued..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 * 12 * 12

12 ~ 12 ~ 12

What a spectacular set of numbers, and without a doubt, with equally miraculous energies stemming from their frequency. I wonder what pattern the sound vibration from 12 ~ 12 ~ 12 would look like?

Gateway, Power of Consciousness, Global awareness, Window of Possibility for an Evolutionary Leap, Healing & Cleansing the Past, .... There are so many keywords for today.

On a day like this its hard for a girl like me not to feel like I'm maybe missing out on something, not prepared enough, should I have done something different? Made other choices for today? Perhaps this was the day for getting married even? It will never come again as long as I live this triple digit number-magic! With its favorable vibrations! On the other hand, according to solar astrology, or in simpler terms when following the natural rhythms and cycles of our Earth, I would rather prefer the ceremony of a long lasting love union to be performed and celebrated after the winter solstice, when the light is increasing. As I live in the Northern hemisphere. Now is so much darkness, we'll reach the North shores in a few days. With the Earth element to build a lovers foundation on.

So you see, ... hahaahhahahhaah... life is so funny :) * One can become quite confused so to speak when leading a spiritual life ;) I'm part substance, finding a way for me and my spirit to live in oneness and harmony. So the preceding paragraph casts a light on a natural human feeling, that I'm clearly not denying, though I should know better than to have them. And that is what I find so amusing.
I, we, are doing our best to just be in the flow of life, feel everything is OK. We are following a spiritual path.  But nevertheless the humps and bumps are there.. So on a day like this, in a month like this, a year like this.. I'm quite sure I'm not the only modern 'hippie girl' one minute wondering if I should have been more prepared, or at least make sure today will be wonderful, but the next minute thinking just to skip it all.. go to the sea and just sit and listen* Well well well... SO BE IT* What ever it will be. 
What a Miraculous Day for Wondrous Weaving s * 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

O Harmony Moon O

From the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of November*
I just felt like writing, enjoy*

...waxing waxing, miraculous moon, 
in Gemini I‘ll find you soon 
Basking in your Fullness glow 
I‘ll dance, I‘ll flow.. I do love you so

A momentous day today will be,
as the Sun, the Earth and You and I
aligned from our core into the sky
we'll weave the threads for all to see

The threads of Light, of Love and Peace
The wish for All to live at ease
In harmony we laugh and thrive
As One we are the fabric of life
Always joyous, always Light
The Beauty granting clarity of sight

It‘s Now, it‘s time, for us to recall
that All united big or small
we constantly create Life‘s Rainbow Art
and are thy Grace, thy Wisdom of Heart

Helga Sóley