Saturday, July 30, 2022

*A Child with Wise Eyes*


At the dawn of a new Life

Light appears

It's born from Darkness

The old giving way

to the new

Yes, here I am

The ancient me


a child

with wise eyes

Thursday, July 28, 2022

*Leo Love*


New Moon wishes to all through the ether and earth today ✨🦁🌑🦁✨

🦁 May Leo’s strength course through our veins. May courage, playfulness, and authenticity sound our inner truth to ourselves first and foremost. May we share with ourselves our inner richness and gold, our vitality, our inner bounty, our horn of plenty. We are a majestic wonder of life, a glowing fruit of the cosmos, sovereign to ourselves in our own authenticity. 

We are sincere, dear human beings, capable of so much beauty and love. And empathy. To ourselves as well. 

What does that mean, to show oneself empathy, kindness, understanding, respect, and playfulness? How does it feel in your body to sense and see the energy in that light? Unto oneself. To offer oneself the warm, strong, wise and gentle, compassionate embrace of the great king and queen, the Lion and the Lioness. To be a Leo unto oneself?