Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Belonging to a Sisterhood ~ Seeding Change

❤ Love Love Love  and more infinite Love to all my sisters and brothers around the Globe ❤
On Earth Day 22nd of April, I came across TreeSisters! WOW! My heart is singing and my ‘Unity Womb with my Earth‘s Sisterhood‘ is spiraling! In HER and MY honor, as we are ONE, with much Love, Grace and Embrace to my beautiful Earth Mother, I am now a TreeSister! Women Seeding Change!If you feel the call please watch, share, become involved! Donate, give back! The law of AYNI, sacred reciprocity is at work through this beautiful initiative* Thank you Leesa Wilson for sharing TreeSisters*

I was moved by the talk of TreeSister Clare Dakin, the founder of the campaign. I feel totally in alignment with what she has to share; on the TreeSisters website:, videos and blogs. Please watch this video:

...and Men, please watch to. Love to my powerful and caring male figures surrounding me in this life time, my partner Kristján Már Gunnarsson and my father Viðar Aðalsteinsson. My feelings towards the sacred Masculine resonate in Clare‘s words in one of her blogposts: “To all the men out there who find their way to this message please know that we honour you and your journey into balance as we make our own. We have all inherited the mind sets, structures and systems that now limit us. You have inherited your role and we have inherited ours. What we do from here, and how we recreate balance in this world is up to us; all of us. It’s time for all of our gifts to be in service to the world in ways that work for everyone. Let’s surpass ourselves.“ The blog 'post in its entirety: (

The fires are being relit in every corner of the world, and it is because we are taking action and taking responsibility. Every little step counts, For the Greatest Good of All Concerned. SISTERS join hands! 

All my projects, big or small, are efforts toward a more peaceful, harmonious world. I am in the North, so I shine in the North, hold stewardship in the North together with my SISTERS in various projects. 

Mother Earth Retreat ~ MER
The one emerging now in 2013, a creation together with my beautiful and gifted soul sisters Sólveig Katrín Jónsdóttir and Thorey Vidarsdottir is Mother Earth Retreat, spiritual Earth journeys and retreats in Iceland. Mother Earth Retreat will support people, sisters and brothers of all ages and walks of life to connect to their inner core, hearts and souls and to truly radiate from within, shine their beautiful lights* This project is in creation and we are working on the website and facebook site as we speak* Here is little video that captures the 'feeling' of MER :

Alchemy of Peace, an organization I have the great pleasure of being a part of alongside my dear sister Grace, Dorthe Steenberg, contributes to the awakening of human kind through the sharing of Earths wisdom on many levels. Always in alignment with the principle of giving and receiving with Earth and each other in balance and harmony, in sacred reciprocity, in AYNI. From the Alchemy of Peace website: „The time has come! The creative force of the feminine is emerging gracefully, commanding divine unison with the masculine powers, as old structures and belief systems are collapsing. The PEACE SUMMIT is one manifestation of the Alchemy of Peace dream, and the weaving has been in collaboration with such beautiful and powerful sisters*

Together with my wise sister and blood mother Helga Sigurðardóttir
 I am working with the energies of Sacred Iceland*

We all have consequence in the world* 
How beautiful it is, that we ARE waking up and realizing it! And we ARE waking up and realizing our responsibilities as Earth Keepers. Don‘t we all carry the same deep rooted wish inside, within our hearts, that we can live peacefully together, as brothers and sisters, that our families and friends, neighbours, our children and grandchildren, can be happy, thrive and prosper on this planet? Mother Earth is so abundant, but we have to care for her, and she needs time and tender love and care to replenish! Just think of your own mother, how she nurtured you as a baby. There is a reason why we call our planet MOTHER Earth, she nourishes us, with oxygen, water and food. She is, and SHE alone is our provider. If we do not care for her we cannot survive! It is as simple as that.

To many of us, a word like ‘Ecosystems‘ is a word used by professors and professionals within that field. We the ordinary people do not associate with it instantly. It is not until we truly take in the meaning, the concept, what it really means, that we realize that in fact, it is the singular most important concept of our existence. Without it, we wouldn't exist. We cannot keep on taking and taking. We have to give back. We have to face our mirror images, and deal with the damage we have caused and mend and heal Mother Earth, restore balance, if we are to survive as humans! Let us now be HUMAN~KIND*

I am going out on a limb here, exposing my enthusiasm, but it is just so worth it. WE ARE the change that is needed, we have to do it, take the action. I try my best, and though I still eat meat and use hairspray, I still want to share this message in hope I inspire others to walk their talk. We do it together, one step at a time. The key is to align our heartbeats with Mother Earth’s and to be conscious about how we live our lives as consumers. Let’s show that we CARE*

❤ All my Love & Light ... and MUCH EARTH POWER ❤

Your sister Helga Sóley