Wednesday, February 29, 2012

*Leap Day*

*Happy Leap Day everyone :) The 29th of February ... WOW.. there is just something very special about this day! We sure are leaping into new heights and dimensions, we as humanity, as ONE. 2012 is truly bringing on a big wave of 

♥ ♥ ♥
I'm happy to announce that today my beautiful, amazing artist mother published a facebook page:  Art of the Soul by Helga 

Now as am writing this, I'm thrilled to see that already a handful of people are enjoying her paintings, commenting and sharing to their own faceook sites.. its great! 

Facebook is here to stay, therefore I'm embracing the fact that with very little effort it's now possible to connect with friends around the globe, and share inspirations and paths to enlightenment in stories, pictures and videos*

Here is one of my mother's paintings. It is from her DO-ING series and is called GROWING*

Sometimes I even think that the 'behind the scene' reason for why facebook was invented was to aid the quickening phase, that we humans are going through. Though a lot of 'not so nice things' gets published as well (there will always be a shadow side) we now have a brilliant open source platform where we can come together to share wisdom and our journeys.   That is beautiful*


Friday, February 10, 2012

*Leave a Light ON*

Marvelous, marvelous.. :) I guess Mars retrogate and the waning moon are the two minuses equaling a BIG PLUS :D Feeling great, its Friday, just spoke to my family and my two dogs in Iceland. Happy and I just started The Dream Collage. (link later when it is ready) I Choose JOY*

Happy Friday Gods and Goddesses* Yours truthfully, always from the HEART, Sóley*

ENJOY: LEAVE A LIGHT ON - Belinda Carlisle

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

*Full Snow Moon of CHANGE*

Its full moon again. Today has been tough. So many things surfacing, so many things inside that are screaming for confrontation and resolution. A closure. So I can move on. Have to admit that this big day of Wisdom and learning has my absolute permission to end soon! I thank you greatly deep wisdom day. I'm looking forward to being rocked to sleep by the full moon's bright rays, mystically lighting up my room. .... forming moonlight shadows! Love that song.. sometimes its like that!

The moonlight shadow of the tree in my garden just now

Would love to express more, so I will do that tomorrow morning. One more thing thought before I stop, I just received one of my favorite newsletters from White Wolf Journeys, Robbyne LaPlant, and there she was talking about Madonna's half game show at the Super Bowl in America. I had just watched it on Youtube. I really admire Madonna, she has the courage, she dares to BE. Not everything about Madonna (the brand) is to my liking, but her message for Peace always gets through, and she is such an inspiration, to fully shine our brightest. Like the STARS we are. In the end of her show the words WORLD PEACE lit up the ground, and I was so touched! And then the game continued. So symbolic, the show must go on but this time we want
Peace and to be at Ease
* Good night sweet souls*

Its 9.20 am on the 8th of February. My Full Moon calendar, here on the right side, says its still 100% Full Moon. It was beautiful going to bed last night. I needed change, so once again I put my pillow where my feet usually are (love to do that for a change of scenery, I also think it gives me different dreams). Turned like that I could be bathed in the Full Moon rays, getting the deep cleansing effects of its radiating energy. In this position the moon shone right into my face, but softly* Kissing my forehead, whispering that now things WILL change and that all WILL be ok. Reassuring me that I'm in the midst of big CHANGES, like every one of us on Earth. 
We are all going through this as ONE 

"..When you gonna love you as much as I do?" Powerful lyrics by Tori Amos's oh so loved Winter*
 ♥All my LOVE and LIGHT and CHANGE♥

Thursday, February 2, 2012

* Brigit's Day ~ Candlemas, the 2nd of February*

There are stirrings within the womb of Mother Earth. Light is quickening* The seeds that were planted on Winter Solstice are beginning to sprout. Outside my window everything is still covered with snow,  the ground, the trees, the rooftops. But today, the 2nd of February is the midway between the solstice and the gifts of Ostara, so the promise of spring is around the corner.

Today we light a candle for the Celtic Goddess Brigit, the Triple Fire Goddess. Brigit's three aspects are: Fire of Inspiration as patroness of poetry, Fire of the Hearth, as patroness of healing and fertility, and Fire of the Forge, as patroness of smithcraft and martial arts.

She has many sides and faces to her, but she is always associated with fire, and to me that also means courage, and the strength to carry on. In the Northern hemisphere we are starting to feel the heavy burden of a long winter, thankful for all the lessons,  but longing for more light and lightness in Life.  Brigit gives us that extra spark to keep on, not to fall back and give up. She is the bringer of hope*

Today I dedicated my candle prayer to Brigit, to ANU the Mother of Goddesses and to Mother Mary
Live well and be Happy*