Monday, June 3, 2013


By Sóley ~ Woman of Vision


“Yes sweetheart”

“What are you doing?”

The little boy was staring at his mother in wonder. His freckled nose catching the last beams of the evening sun.

“I’m talking to the ocean”, she replied in a soothing yet distant voice.

A light sea breeze swept a lock of her hair away from her face, revealing her profile and her own freckled nose.

The little one looked baffled, and with a swift downward motion of his head, turned his gaze away from his mum and started kicking the black sand with his yellow plastic boots. 

“But you aren’t saying anything”, he said in a bit of an upset tone, not quite understanding what his mother had just said.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, her eyes radiating motherly warmth and tenderness. 

“Oh, but I am my sweet. I’m using my inner voice.”

The 6 year old turned towards the ocean and watched how the small waves broke just a few inches from his boots. Then he kept kicking the sand again.

Sensing his feelings of bafflement and being left out, she reached out to him with an open palm, and said in a calm reassuring tone: “you to have an inner voice.”

“I do!” the little boy said turning towards her again, his eyes wide open reflecting his regained interest.

“Yes you do!” she answered with a smile, and the glow from the soft sunlight caressed her face.

He reached for her hand and wrapped his little fingers around it. They were cold and sticky after playing on the beach for a while. He no longer felt left out. Now he and his mum shared a secret. And that comforting feeling was enough to keep him occupied whilst they just stood there for a moment, hand in hand, looking at the horizon, listening to the birds above and the waves below. Unified by the secret of the inner voice.

Art:Josephine Wall