Monday, November 11, 2013

* The Crone and the Cauldron*

... Searching for some files on my computer, I found reflections I wrote down 364 days ago. I'll post it now. These were reflections I never posted but were suppose to follow my Autumn post of 2012 - Read that one here

10th of November 2012

Continuing from my last post ...

We are still sailing the seas of the West. The waters have been rough, calm, frisky... hopefully we are all still on board.

Yes, no, I don’t know. What is it all about? I suppose it’s good to pose questions! I have been thinking about a lot of things the past few weeks…

Here I sit alone in my parents’ home on a Saturday, surrounded by candles, sipping hot coco and enjoying rolled up pancakes from grandma, warm from the oven ‘cause I like them a bit crispy on top. The only artificial light is from the lap top screen. And of course I’m not alone; my cuddly Border collie, slash Icelandic fluffy monster is here with me.  She is sleeping by my feet to the sound of the wind that has softly found its way through the chimney. How can one but not get a bit reflective?

We have only just passed Halloween, the All Hallows Evening, or All Saints Eve. In many cultures around the world, now is a time of celebration and honoring. There are a lot of different themes to these celebration activities, and they differ a lot between nations and religions. To a great extent these celebrations derive from similar set of beliefs, which over time, as the original source branched out, have taken on their own identities. One key aspect still remains, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that’s darkness. We have reached winter. We celebrate the return into the void. Mother Earth rests, reserves her energies.

As I’m into all things Goddess, I’m fascinated about the role of women in old lore, myths and stories from the past (and of the future!) I’m a story teller & a visionary, so it suits me fine. I love to follow the seasons and feel the energy change as different Goddesses enter the world stage, at their appointed hour. Now as we are in darkness, we are accompanied by the Wise One, the Crone aspect of the Goddess.  I think it is quite remarkable how her image has been utterly distorted through time. She is a mighty One, her powers potent with the wisdom of Maiden, Mother and Queen. She holds a light to guide others as they roam the dark, on their inner paths. She has been there, often, and knows the way. Among the many Crone Goddesses is Hecate, Spider Grandmother, Kali, Goddesses of change and transformation and of the underworld. So you see, the Crone is present all over the world.

I guess it all happened over time, when her-story became his-story. I guess it all happened when we became more and more disconnected with our Great Mother Gaia, with her cycles and rhythms. Then we started to fear the dark, to fear death. The energy of the Crone was turned into something dark and gruesome. The great Wise One became the old hag with a wart on a broom, stirring the cauldron. I suppose you are seeing what I'm getting at here, it is kind of funny. I mean if you like to play with the imagination you can well imagine how the cauldron can be seen as representing the deepest feminine aspect, the womb, the spiral, creation, women’s power. So, yes, it is kind of amazing how during the transition from matriarchal to patriarchal how somehow the beauty of the Crone power has been turned into the evil witch. Something to fear. Hmmmmm... food for thought right? 

But, I seriously doubt she minds or worries over her distorted image! She probably just laughs at it. I mean she knows her powers. She, we, … we know our true strengths.

Honoring the turning of the wheel at this time of year, in any way, form or style we feel in alignment with, is a great way of reconnecting with our roots, with our wild divine nature. To connect to our authentic selves. Darkness is just as much a part of us as light is. At Winter Solstice we will celebrate the birth of light again, but until then let’s BE HERE. Let’s face the dark. Its ok, I promise. It offers the opportunity for much transformation. It might not be easy for all of us, but we can do it. We can ask the Crone to guide us through the labyrinth, she knows the way. And if we get afraid we can light the white candle within our hearts, and feel how safe and warm it is.  

Much Love & Embrace ♥ Sóley