Friday, November 13, 2015

*Morning Has Broken*

Elviria Hills, Southern Spain, November 2015 

Morning has broken

Our task, to stay nurtured

In no-mind – Allow the rising sun

To illuminate our being

Without the interference of our impatient minds.


The wind softly rattles the leaves on the trees

The all-covering morning fog slowly dissipates


I can see the ocean in a distance

The horizon a bit undefined

The peach morning sky mixing with that misty morning fog


What does it mean to be defined? Refined?

Sharp lines


I heard once that words create separation, duality, opposites.

It’s true.

With the pen we try to define things

Put words on things, on the tangible and the intangible.

Yet Oneness, the beauty of life, is as undefinable as it is sensed by the heart

The floating energy within and without is understood with our spirits and soul.

But the mind is impatient and wants to define.


It wants to create sharp lines

Say this is this, and that is that.

To define makes it secure.

Makes us secure

It is a survival mechanism, so we will know and can react accordingly – stay alive

The mist sweeps the valley


On the matter of one’s need for love, compassion, kindness and a warm touch

That ultimate need to know within our hearts that we share togetherness with a group

To sense that oneness we all crave – within our community

No words can define that need nor the satisfaction when that need is met.

Still,  you stay away