Monday, May 9, 2016

*In the midst of Sisterhoods, let's not forget our Friends*


El Faro, Southern Spain, May 2016

I had a friend once. We shared deeply and passionately. Then we became ‘sisters’. 

I don‘t know what happened exactly. Well, now I’m lying. I know exactly what happened. But the story weaves itself wide and deep, between countries, continents, and lifetimes, involving many, and involving none. Therefore multi-layered and laden with human life lessons, soul stirrings, and healings. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

*The Baby Post*


Elviria Hills, Southern Spain, April 2016

My 36th! No whoops, I just celebrated my 37th birthday! :)

After turning 32, I‘ve usually been off by a year or two when asked my age. The years, the age, it all just seems clustered together under one big roof with an even bigger thirtysomething sign on top. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

*The Ultimate Women Empowerment*

The ultimate women empowerment is the remembering of oneself as the divine. Beyond identification with form. Beyond gender. This is the awakening of consciousness to its true sacred self. Thus, the Empowered Woman is one who has stripped herself bare of gender ideals and concepts. She sees herself in everything and everyone as she has remembered her true faceless identity of immaculate beauty. Her mirror reflection is sacred presence. Therefore she can profoundly embrace womanhood as nothing obscures her vision of reality nor obstructs her expression of truth.