Saturday, December 10, 2011

*Long Nights Full Moon*

Beautiful people, beautiful life.

I love my bedroom window. I don‘t have an ocean view, seeing the sun rise and set each day. I can’t see any snow covered mountain tops and there is no green forest calling my name, alluring me to come and play with the forest fairies and enchanted beings. But I can see the sky!

This morning I woke up with this soothing yellow, pinkish light filling the room with calmness and softness. It was so beautiful. I turned around in bed, with my head where my feet usually are, stacked pillows, cuddled my duvet and just watched the sky for a bit. The clouds were moving and I soon saw the sky. It was so crisp and ice blue, totally radiant. Like the inside of an iceberg. Then it started snowing. I think I have never seen snow fall down as slowly, I could almost talk to each individual snow flake. So Sacred.

In memory this will be the morning of the last Full Moon of 2011. Soon we will say goodbye to this year and take a journey through 2012. And who knows what that year will unfold.
The December full moon has been called a few names, but the one I connect the most with is The Full Long Nights Moon. Coming from Iceland I know long nights, and yes, now is the time where we almost desperately yearn for more light. But, there is magic in the darkness. Magic that gives birth to sacredness each morning of our lives.
Happy Full Moon, Long Nights Moon and Full Moon in Sagittarius. 
Ostara greetings* 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

.. a wish come true*

The creators of this little enchanted video, husband and wife Silas Toball and Angi Sullis, invite you to a true world of Wonderlands, Fairytales and Stardust at their Duirwaigh Studios. Link: Duirwaigh Studios. I was absolutely mesmerized when I visited for the first time. I loved it! 

I stumbled upon the site when I was searching for colorful templates for a new blog/website, and wow, they had color. They can absolutely offer some fun to liven up your day! Their wedding was a proper, fully furnished, Alice in Wonderland Teaparty, with a big Hat! So they know how to live their lives happy and without limitations, in Magic and Reverence for life's Wondrous things. A true inspiration* This video is velvety soft, airy and yummie, whilst their first inspirational video,  A Knock at the Door, is a bit more magic in the forest, elfish and earthly. I love to be inspired by people and their doings, so please enjoy My Wish for You*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Stop, drop and meditate"

*Thanksgiving & the Moon in its Balsamic phase*
Retreat, Reflect and give thanks,
Rever the all-encompassing Divine

If we use the influence of this Moon phase, when the moon returns to darkness, to breathe deeply, find our Quiet zone and simply relax, we will for sure feel energized and refreshed when the next cycle begins. The New Moon is around the corner, in a few hours actually, so I am going to use a few minutes before going to sleep and consciously honor and give thanks to the bountiful Universe within and around me. To ask for a fresh new start when I wake up tomorrow morning and to be blessed with regained vigor and courage, after all it will be a New Moon in Sagittarius.

I encourage us all for next month, when all the Christmas craze will be at its peak, to remember to use the potency of the Balsamic Moon phase, the last 2/3 days of the Lunar cycle, and as one clever John said: “Stop, Drop, and Meditate.” It will give a great start to a New Year, the auspicious 2012*

Many believe that the year 2012 carries great importance for the Earth and us humans. An even bigger reason for really using those precious few days preceding Christmas 2011 for retreating, healing and dreaming of the future. It will be the transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new. I have therefore decided to do all my X-mas preperations in time this year, so I can embrace the coming of Christmas without stressing, like happens almost every year. This time I want to enjoy the candle lights, the music and the sweet scent of newly baked goodies. I want to celebrate the sacredness of the Winter Solstice on the 22nd, the rebirth of Light, so graciously supported by the Lunar Cycle's New Moon on Christmas Eve the 24th. How beautiful is that? A true Masterpiece*  

“The dark phase of the cyclical process is a phase of healing and renewal rather than one of fear and unknowing; a time of mystery, wisdom, and healing power ~ All gifts of the Dark Moon Goddess.”
From Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 ~ A Wish for Humanity

When I was a little girl I had such an enormous heart. It is still big, but nevertheless it is deeply touching to remember the pureness, the wisdom, the love that that little girl carried. Yesterday the 10th of November, I lit a candle, a wish for humanity. I was united with  beautiful souls that came to share and experience the power and the mystery of 11.11.11 together* Going into stillness, receptive as the all-embracing water, I saw the image of that little girl and remembered her evening prayers. Every night she would ask the Divine to "please blow the dust away". The dust 'on top' of the Light in the heart that every human being was born with. Preventing it from shining its brightest. I think this is so beautiful and so sincere! With deep reverence and Love I reconnected with that little girl's pure heart and intention. Therefore on the full Moon in November,  in a Magical Garden in Denmark, I lit my candle with a Wish for Humanity from a little girl in Iceland.

Today, on the Magical 11.11.11, I received this simple yet profound message from the Cosmos:
When we invite the Light into our hearts and we welcome it, all our energy centres, the chakras, our eyes or belts, are synchronistically activated and opened. The heart is neither male nor female. The heart is where masculinity and femininity melt together and become ONE. Fire and Water. Harmony and Balance. To BE from the HEART is the simplest, most effortless way to be the light pillars we are and connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to be the Rainbow Bridge and beat as ONE with the Universal Heart.

Love to All on this Majestic and Miraculous day*
Yours sincerely, Sóley* 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One~ness* 01.11.11

Today's post I dedicate to my mother and to her art, to her creative expression  * Art of the Soul * and to the beautiful beings who take form in her paintings, vibrating only LOVE and COMPASSION.

Today is and has been a powerful date, filled with ones. The first day of the eleventh month of the year two thousand and eleven. Thats a lot of ones! And I felt like writing, connecting to the frequency of the number 1, but the first thing that came to mind when I sat myself in front of the computer was not the number 1, but One and Oneness. And I instantly thought of my mother's powerful, yet soft and vibrant paintings. Ever since I remember, mum has been connecting with Spirit and drawing, using her hands to touch something divine. Wow, what a blessing! They manifest, all these amazing energies come forth and manifest on a piece of paper, in beautiful colors and form. And ever since I remember she has talked of Oneness, how as a child she felt Oneness with Mother Nature, the animals, the planet, the Universe. Her name is Helga, meaning Sacred, Wholeness, where All is One.

Just around the corner, the powerful 11.11.11 gate awaits us! What intentions for that moment have been forming in our hearts? Perhaps today has prepared us so we can walk through it whole and in Oneness~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

*Zorba the Buddha*

How to live in this world as an awakener, with all that constant buzzing? How to have fun, and enjoy being in this heavy body of ours in this lifetime, in this frequency, and to sometimes do the not-so-good-for-you things without feeling like we have betrayed our spiritual side? We truly only hurt ourselves by feeling that way, and we know it, we know we are all connected with Spirit, always. But I do feel a struggle, some kind of tension, conflict within many of us who are walking this path of enlightenment. Even up to the extent that ‘Ignorance is bliss’ comes to mind, and for a split second we almost think about how life could be so much easier if we would not have opened our eyes! Just like in the Matrix, that we wouldn’t have taken that darn ‘blue pill’ .

Let us then remember that with a pure heart and good intentions we can never be disconnected with our true Self, even though we sometimes want ‘things’ and we buy the cheaper milk though it’s not organic and we close our eyes and we buy hairspray! That just can’t be healthy for the environment! But hey, perhaps it’s OK, and not because we don’t have to be perfect, it’s OK because we ARE perfect. Each and everyone of us is on an individual path and it is all about making choices and to be conscious. Key word, Conscious!

Now, one might ask, but honestly, where is the line? And when do we seriously cross it? Is it watching porn, getting drunk, using drugs, laugh at black humor and think Quentin Tarantino is super cool?? Again, the answer in my opinion has to be, that what matters is to be truly true to our own beliefs and to be conscious about where we are on our path. To BE aware. Always ask ourselves, “are my actions FOR THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED?” Ask, where do things come from and how do the ecosystems of this world work? I believe it must be the golden middle way that is the best, and to honor eachother and Mother Earth. We are not less spiritual though we eat meat, or if we like watching bloody thrillers. But perhaps it's time to ask ourselves, is this what I want? Does this make me feel good,  or bad? Why do I choose to smoke? Is it perhaps time to Stop? Am I bettering myself and am I benefiting the next seven generations with my actions? This is what all of us who are aware of the Shift are asking ourselves now.

There is no rule that says that if we want to become involved in spirituality then we have to give up this and that human habit, BUT, we do ask of ourselves to go about our actions with love in our hearts and live a life that is in resonance with our awareness, and to laugh and smile, dance and create. Be aware of The Dream Collage - what we dream awake makes reality*

I'm pretty sure that when we are ready to board the ship we will know what is best for us and all as a whole, and many of those heavier habits will just simply drop of with no effort*

While I was writing this post my mind pondering on issues, my fingers went surfing the net, and without remembering the route to my landing page, I now have a better and clearer understanding of what I was writing about. Please allow me to finish with Osho’s qotes on Zorba the Buddha:

A spiritual retreat with a bistro, tennis courts and a swimming pool? Naturally!

The Osho vision of the whole man is of one who is at home in both the material and the spiritual worlds. The most revolutionary aspect of this proposal is "Zorba the Buddha."

"My whole effort is to bring Zorba and Buddha closer and closer ― so close that both can exist in one human being without any contradiction, as complementaries, helping each other, not fighting with each other.

"My concept of the new man is that he will be Zorba the Greek, and he will also be Gautama the Buddha: Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual, physical, utterly physical, in the body, in the senses, enjoying the body and all that the body makes possible, and still a great consciousness, a great witnessing will be there."

"My Manifesto of Zen is that Zorba and Zen are not antagonistic to each other. The Zorba can melt into Zen, and only then will both be complete. The man who has lived outside has lived very superficially. And the man who does not know anything about the inner, knows nothing about the existential, about the eternal... The outer and the inner are part of one existence. I want Zorbas to be Buddhas and vice versa... In the completion of Zorba and Zen, a tremendous quality comes to your life: you relish every moment of the outside world, every flower of the outside world. And you relish simultaneously the inner freedom, the inner joy, the inner drunkenness. Humanity has lived in a divided way, and that has been a catastrophe. It is time for Zorba to start meditating, and it is time for the people who are meditators not to allow themselves to escape from the world... Only in completion is there bliss. Only in completion have you come home."

Monday, March 21, 2011


Can you feel the power of the spring equinox? It marks the time of year when day and night are of equal length, helping us achieve greater balance. Inspired by my Chakra dance Deva sister Thorey ;) Here is a great dance that balances our Body Mind and Spirit. Enjoy*
My sister's Chakradance

Friday, February 25, 2011


One of my favorite knowledge and wisdom speakers, Gregg Braden, talks about how we are all connected - One Consciousness

"Come fill your cup, love your life ..."

This is a beautiful mantra for your Body Mind and Spirit. I was so fortunate to have a life changing experience when I interned at Grail Springs in 2008. Wonderful and inspiring place, with heart*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

*11.01.2011* The Serpent Rising

Transformational things are happening to me, and to put it shortly, a purple snake came to me in a dream. It was accompanied by another one, more earth toned in color. Today holds potent energy, lots of ones, I made a big decision and I feel a change within. I need to do more research and converse with my soul and then I want to write about this more thoroughly. There is change in the air, and I feel it is necessary for me to put it into words. There is so much I want to share.

The serpent holds many symbolic meanings, but the first one that came to me when I woke up was transformation. The ability to shed ones skin. A rebirth in a sense, because when I went to sleep yesterday I was facing a big question that I needed my Higher Self's guidance with. Believing in my own strength and heading in a new direction, guided by the purple snake medicine, is the next part on Soley's Journey*

I found a lot of fascinating information about what the snake or the serpent symbolizes on the following site: