Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's Full Moon again!
She came up from behind the beautiful mountain Esja, so vivid in color in the twilight, radiant. I was sitting a meeting with a few of my fellow students. One of us had arranged for an office, very spacious yet warm and cozy. My place at the table was facing those big wide windows overlooking the Esja. A very strong mountain, though mild with its green slopes.

The sky started to become a bit redish, maybe a bit more purpleish and the colours flooded the room. I looked up and there she was, peeking at first, like she was a bit shy. I could only see half of her. It made me laugh and I was so pleased to see her. I had been feeling her energy growing stronger and stronger all day with my cycles so linked to hers, and there she showed herself, little by little. Almost like she was a bit scared of her own luminous grace. It didn't take long for her to fully embrace the sky with her presence. Beautiful as always, my sister Moon in her shamanic dress..

It's Beaver Moon. Let us honor our little friends who so humbly offered their hides to our ancestors. Their beautiful hides, both waterproof and warm. Native people reveared the beaver as a great Spirit animal that held big medicine. Beavers are the builders of their own life. Something we all strive to be. They are the doers in the animal kingdom, building homes for their families. If you'd look at their dams you'd find several entrances and exits. This is a lesson to us all, not to paint ourselves into corners. A doer is productive and knows that limitations cancel productivity.

From Mystic Familiar web site: As our friend brother bear, and sister squirrel are nestleling down in to the winter slumber, now is a perfect time to do the same. It becomes a time of quiet self reflection and internal peace. As the winter begins to set in, it becomes a time when we shall honor ourselves with meditation and silence.

Greetings from a sister, a Moon Cycle Goddess* Love to you all*