Saturday, April 14, 2012

* 33 Years on Planet Earth *

My sister sent me this picture today to my facebook wall. Its mesmerizing! 
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful* 
Wisdom ~ Beauty ~ Depth ~ Insight ~ Harmony 

Today is my birthday.
I have walked the Earth for 33 years. Well for 32 years probably, 'cause being the second child of my mother and father, the first one an eager aries that started walking at 9 months, they absolutely did not encourage me to start walking! They let me figure it out at my own steady pace. So for the first year of my life, I just lay and sat in their loving arms, floating blissfully on a soft baby cloud.

I have many stories to tell that are relevant at times like these, when you're going through big life changes, starting a new phase in your life, welcoming the new. This morning in the shower I remembered a little story I wrote in a sketch book when I turned 30. Then I was reminiscing and summarizing my feelings and experiences when walking through the Great Gate of Saturn around 29-31. But that is a tale I will wait with. For now I'm just happy to be entering a new stage, have been embraced by Mother Earth and Father Sky for 33 years, a magical number by the way, and enthusiastic and looking forward to what adventures lie before me.

* Big Smiles, Rainbow Light and JOY * 

Friday, April 13, 2012

* 13 ~ Friday ~ Venus ~ Dragons *

And... it's the 13th again, 
and this time it is on a Friday! Lovely*

Tomorrow Mars will go into forward motion again, so its celebration time for us who have really been feeling the retrograde. It's been hard, but it has been a good experience, so much has surfaced, many things that wanted to be cleared and healed. So its time to look up now, and allow the rays of the rising sun to warm our cheeks and touch our hearts. We have nothing to fear, all is good and all is joy. Lets rejoice!

From White Wolf Journeys newsletter: April 13th is a Triple Dragon Day in Chinese Astrology. This occurs when the dragon rules the month, the year and the day.Now is the time to take a chance, not only to dream but to act on that dream.Today is also Friday, Venus’s day the sacred geometric synergy of the number 13 and the day before Mars goes direct in 2012! 
The Goddess Venus influences beauty, love and money*

 ི♥ྀ Much LOVE, GRACE and EMBRACE ི♥ྀ 
to all my  friends on this magical day