Thursday, July 15, 2021

*The Poetic Dance of the Ecstatics*


What else can we do but dance in the madness?



Hug each other

Show kindness

Be there for one another

Even though our opinions differ

Though our lives differ

If you don’t step on my toes I won't step on yours

Actually ...

Even though you step on my toes, I won’t step on yours


Why should I want to hurt you?

Please don’t make me feel bad 

Though I don’t see the world through your eyes

Leave me be

I have my reasons

I feel we are living in a chaotic world

Where there’s havoc

And we might ask


And, ”Where is God in all this?” 

Who made it the way it is?

Is it our immatureness?

Is it a handful of greedy humans?


I don’t know

I can do my bit

But I will not sacrifice my happiness

My wellbeing

My capability 

To be there 

Holding your hand

Whilst you suffer

I have to believe in the goodness of someone in power to change

Or were they all not meant to change? After all?

Was this the design all along?

Is this route we're on

Toward mass manipulation, it seems

Mass extinction of our forests who keep all life alive

Was it a destined road 

All along?

I’m not a fighter

I’m a poet

I’m a soft hand

A tender healer

There is calmness in my eyes

Not many understand

The calmness stems from trust

I trust in the design of the divine 

A catchphrase I’ve coined, I know

But it hasn’t lost its meaning to me

I do



The Divine

We seem to be on a trajectory


By evolution

I don’t see an apocalypse on the horizon

I see evolvement in motion 

An unfolding


So I’ll keep on dancing in the early morning sun

And in the late night's rain

I’ll stay quiet when I see fit

As silence is my power as well

I’ll keep on enjoying myself

Enjoying my life and freedom

Even though we don’t see eye to eye

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