Thursday, April 22, 2021

*A Gray Day of Hope*


It's Earth Day. And the First Day of Summer in Iceland. A public holiday. Despite all that, today feels very gray and gloomy to me. Dingy. Musky. Mousy. Colorless. Bleak. Barren. But, perhaps it's just me.


A gray overcast day

Murky rivers

Heavy flow

The Icelandic summer has begun

We’re through the winter maze

We’re not lost. We're alive. 

How amazing!

Yet death lingers

To the naked eye

Bare branches

Standing solemnly

In a row


And torn

Old leaves 

Old growth

Once full of flavor and colour

Heartbeats of seasons passed

Now showing again


Death, peeking through

From underneath the snow


Not all things beautiful are bright and blue


Sometimes you have to look,

forage your inner landscapes

for your brilliance 

Your magic!

Sense your inner sparkle

In the subtleties around you

Oh yes

What a relief!

There it is

A fellow dragon in a tree

A golden plover flying free

See there!

A single flower in the stream

A yellow glow 

Glistening in the flow 

Of forever

And on its banks

From underneath the shrubs

Something new is emerging

Oh and look at those trunks!

My stubs?

Yes, I too am an elephant!


Seagulls and ravens are battling in the sky

I hope their young ones are ok!

I know (moping)

Nature has its way

I have to relax

Mind my own business

Just witness


As the circle of life

Unfolds all around me

Evolution in spiraling motion

The center 

A song in my heart

༄ Sóley ~ Photos, my own

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