Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Autumn's Healing Grace

It's Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere today. 

Grace day *22* 

Life has changed quite drastically for me, just within the last few days. 

Let's just say, to begin with, that I have a deep healing journey in front of me, and because I'm feeling quite ok today, and feel physically ok to sit down with my computer, I really wanted to post my Autumn Healing poem. 

I do love it dearly. I wrote it in 2015 and it has a special meaning to me. I posted it two years ago on the inner network of TreeSisters, the Nest, and many sisters thanked me for sharing, that it had given them something good, so of course, that warmed my heart to hear. It is always good when you break your shell open and you allow full expression of yourself, and by braving the vulnerability, you've done something good for another. Perhaps shared a tender healing touch. If that is what I can do today, for myself and for others who may read this, I'm happy. 

I've only changed the name. When I wrote it, it was called Autumn Poem for Soul and Psyche. Then I changed it to Autumn Healing. Today it is called, Autumn's Healing Grace. 


Autumn's Healing Grace


Shed layers

Shed skin

Shed tears of sorrows past

Shed leaves of irritation

And shells of separation

Yes, do it wise one! It’s time.

In harmony with Mother Nature

Drop old gains and glory

Release your growth

To feed your present story

Don’t hold so tight

Take courage

Lose the grip


You’ve done well

Harvested this cycle’s gifts and blessings

Now it’s time to give thanks and let go!

One two three, release!

Light or heavy

Allow it all be swept away

Into the vortex of time and space

It has served its purpose

It is time to say goodbye

Release it to God

To Source

Bid aDieu



Have heart sweet one

Become bare again ~ Lighten your load

Unveil your true self in the process

Allow the growing darkness to comfort you

As the past trickles down your cheek

To support and to hold you, to cover you

As you slowly undress

Those armors must be heavy, beautiful one

For years and years

You’ve clad yourself in heavy steel

For protection

I know

And those quills you’ve grown

Through the steel

They can’t defend you either

I’m so sorry

But it is the truth!

You, a beautiful child of Love Universal

You must feel your feelings

The unveiling may hurt

But you will heal

I promise

O those heavy burdens you carry!

Layers upon layers of pain and grief

Upon armors and armors of hesitant pride







They have only kept you separated

From your true self

From that spectacular wonder

Of sensing Oneness


Sensing God


As You

Within every single cell



Now let it all go!

All those pains of the past

All those burdens and fake protection

You don’t have to be afraid anymore

I will help you

The wounds will heal

I promise

From my heart to yours

Now feel the miraculous relief

As they drop from your shoulders

Your heavy armors

As they hit the floor!

And the feeling of emergence sweeps all your senses

You gasp for air

And you fill your lungs with the breath of God

The Breath of Grace

The Breath of Love

From underneath all that steel

Your luminous self has appeared

Radiant, free and blissful

Marvel in the freedom sweet one

Enjoy the lightness of being

Embrace your divinity

I’m still here

I’m with you

All is good

All is well

Enlightenment is yours

༄Sóley, a soulbird


Photo by Jen We on Unsplash

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