Friday, June 24, 2022

*A Day of Teardrops*


June 24th of Tenderness

A tender vulnerable day today

I would love to share out loud how I’m feeling.

My healing journey with acute leukemia, which began September last, was and has been so deeply interwoven with my Venus unfoldment and my life with the Gene Keys overall, that it feels unreal sometimes. It’s almost like I have been, and still am, living out a fairy tale every day, with its magical symbolism and synchronicities like red threads unwinding the story.

Like when I had to be moved to the FOURTH floor, to the HEART ward of the hospital, on what was supposed to be my fifth and last day of my fourth and last chemotherapy. I was to be administered my two very last bags of medicine, bags 52 and 53, but my heart was beating so slowly, that it had to be monitored before and whilst they gave me those two last bags. There I stayed for 3 and a half days.

Today, a Day of Teardrops 💧


My face wet from tears

Only a few minutes ago I was outside

Hanging my knickers on a clothesline

With a smile on my heart

The songs of the birds

And the sounds of leaves

Rustling in the wind

Were so harmonious

But now

Only a few minutes later

I’m sitting

My face wet from tears 

My body aches

All the time

It’s hard

And I just want to escape into the arms of my Radiance

My sphere of Sanctity


Dot six

Stay there forever

Not having to deal with the other world

The outer world

Can I?


I close my eyes and send a Thank You

To all my healing beings

The healers from the heart of the glacier

Mother Mary


My darling angels with their healing golden hands

Who stood by me every second of every day

All the time at the hospital

Oh my God!

It was so difficult sometimes

Thank you 

I couldn’t have done it without you

And now, still I need you

I know you’re here

Every time I think of you

You’re here, by my side

In a second

Every time

I know

I thank you so deeply for that

I couldn’t do all this without you

Thank you

Thank you



The Photo of the beautiful strong rose, with its tender color is by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash


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