Friday, September 23, 2022

*Equinox Ritual*



I was browsing my Google photos from two years ago, and the above two photos reminded me of an equinox~new moon ceremony I crafted then. I beaded white berries, from a rowan tree in my garden into a "pearl" necklace. Each white berry represented something I was grateful for in my life, a creation, an emotion, a relationship, a project, a person, a lesson in disguise, all kinds like that. By blessing it in that way, I released it symbolically and made more white space in my life. Space for Grace to flow in and around me.  

The backstory is that I had dreamed a dream a few weeks earlier, where a voice spoke to me "Celebrate the whiteness within" Now two years later, after my leukemia diagnosis and healing journey, I almost get shivers remembering this! In Icelandic, "hvítblæði" is the word for leukemia. The direct translation would be something like "bleeding white". 

So. Isn't time and how it is interwoven with energy, and the dance between what's written in the stars and what we want and will and divine will, and the dream world, and the myths, and the symbolism the strangest most mystical thing?       

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