Thursday, July 28, 2022

*Leo Love*


New Moon wishes to all through the ether and earth today ✨🦁🌑🦁✨

🦁 May Leo’s strength course through our veins. May courage, playfulness, and authenticity sound our inner truth to ourselves first and foremost. May we share with ourselves our inner richness and gold, our vitality, our inner bounty, our horn of plenty. We are a majestic wonder of life, a glowing fruit of the cosmos, sovereign to ourselves in our own authenticity. 

We are sincere, dear human beings, capable of so much beauty and love. And empathy. To ourselves as well. 

What does that mean, to show oneself empathy, kindness, understanding, respect, and playfulness? How does it feel in your body to sense and see the energy in that light? Unto oneself. To offer oneself the warm, strong, wise and gentle, compassionate embrace of the great king and queen, the Lion and the Lioness. To be a Leo unto oneself? 

🦁 Leo Self-Love

After my diagnosis with acute leukemia, I received a beautiful present from a very dear friend of mine. In that package of glorious love and sentiments, there was a bar of chocolate. A Lion bar. That Lion bar has actually been the most precious gift I've been given since I started this healing journey of mine. I still keep it!

I remember seeing it in there, and laughing, as just a few days before my diagnosis I had changed my computer's desktop photo into one of a beautiful strong lion, with a golden mane and wise eyes. I suppose if you would ask my friends to name an animal they would associate with me, none of them would mention a lion. Or, I don't know. But I don't think so. Therefore I loved, absolutely LOVED receiving that crunchy, scrumptious chocolate bar, meant to remind me of life's, and my, sweetness and crunchiness, and toughness. I found it so symbolic. 

And, here's how immensely powerful love and sentiments and animal medicine are. As I mentioned above, I kept the Lion bar. I didn't eat it. And I kept it among other things on a tray on my kitchen counter. It's still there actually. Then one very difficult morning during one of my chemotherapy rounds, I was standing in the kitchen, doing my best to make myself a bowl of cereal. Nothing big. Yogurt, cheerios, and some cut apples. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I almost couldn't keep myself upright. My knees and my whole body were close to collapsing. This was such a difficult feat. I tried to stamp my feet, and take deep breaths, but I was getting terribly agitated in my being, and I wailed into the air at my weakness. It was horribly dispiriting to sense myself as such a weakling. 

Then I couldn't hold myself up any longer, and launched forward onto the table with the upper half of my body, allowing the table to take my weight. 

Feeling utterly defeated, I decided I wouldn't be able to do this and decided to quit my whole attempt to make myself breakfast. I was about to hail myself off the table to retreat to my bed when I caught a glimpse of the Lion bar. There it stood upright, the picture of the lion roaring, his mane aflame. Like God. I looked at it for a moment, my eyes filling with tears of regained vigor and healthy anger somehow, and I pulled myself up, and used my arms and elbows to hold myself up whilst I finished assembling that bowl of cereal. Woohoo!!! I did it!! 

And then I sat myself down in the sofa, basking in the afterglow of my triumph, munching on my delish yogurt and freshly cut apples, some raisins on top, and drew in the amazing loving energy of the Lion, and the Love of my friend for me.

Leo Love is so precious.

Thanks Aslan! ;)

And Thank You 🙏 my beautiful Dröfn



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