Friday, April 22, 2022



Ode to Mother Earth, Humankind, and Globalhood. To a holy trinity.


When the covid pandemic hit us, I was deep in the pre-launch phase of a new beautiful network called Sacred Globe. A conscious online community, celebrating life and the sacredness of our planet ~ helping to heal the split between man and Earth.

As a conscious mind-body-spirit travel and lifestyle community, the dream was to co-create and inspire each other through:

✨ Forming soulful connections with each other ✨ Storytelling about the sacredness of our planet ✨ Presenting our unique gifts to each other and the world

On Sacred Globe, soulful travelers and service providers from around the world were supposed to be able to meet and connect on their own terms, heart to heart.

By resharing this article now on Earth Day 2022, I’m honoring the connection between us and our beautiful Sacred Gaia. Our oneness. But the resharing also has a very deep and human undertone. A delicate one. I’m honoring the bravery of the human heart to expose its love for the Earth so boldly, as to embark on that wildly optimistic entrepreneurial journey of manifesting a global community!

- I’m celebrating the sincerity I needed, to so passionately let my love for Earth and her Humankind fuel my vision of that magnitude into the creation of Sacred Globe — into a tangible creation, a platform so utterly international, beautiful and non-judgemental that to sync myself with that vibration today, this long afterward, is simply pure Honey for my soul ✨ I’m glad I did it! It was worth it. For me and everybody. 

By no means am I rekindling Sacred Globe with this post. I'm in a deep healing process after the leukemia chemotherapies, and my future is in the warm embrace of the unknown.

I just feel a longing to reshare the article. I find it deeply beautiful, and the photos sing to my heart. And now I find the article deeply symbolic for me personally as well. And like I always write, as I am an individual of oneness, I find it symbolic for all of us as a collective as well. The deep message of the article is to honor our natural cycles of waxing and waning, of beginnings and endings, and that our greatest Cycle & Rhythms teacher, is our Great Mother Gaia. That if we listen to her, deeply, with all our hearts, we can truly be healthy.

Here is Awakening to Globalhood In grace and gratitude Happy Earth Day! ✨🌎✨

p.s. the Sacred Globe website and community aren’t working as they used to. There are many features missing and there will be many broken links as I couldn’t keep it up and running when the launch came to a halt two years ago. 🤗🌊💗✨🌍✨

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