Sunday, March 20, 2022

*Julie of Love ~ Radiance Walking*


Spring Soul Rebirth


My heart is full of gratitude this equinox morning Some grief in there too. My dear soul sister Julie Who passed from cancer October 21st Under the shimmering full moon, my mind and heart sought her energy Like a soul friend with wide open arms

Memories of our time in England together flooded me She was, is, such a sweet and soft, beautiful soul A strong radiant human being

Radiance walking

Kristján is flying to England right now. He is going to Oxford

Last time I was in Oxford I had first been with Julie On a little sacred journey together Sisters Soul sisters Visiting energetic sites

She welcomed me into her home in Shaftesbury and took such delicate loving care of me. I was so tired when I arrived, after a late night out with friends in Malaga just before I flew over to England. She immediately, with no judgment, only meticulous grace and ease, never in a hurry brought me into her living room, sat me on her sofa, and put my feet up. Brought a big cozy blanket and lay it over me, and gave me some delicious aromatic tea. Put on soothing angelic music that filled her warm enveloping house with deep delicious tender love and care. Oh she was such an enormously big-hearted woman of grace! I miss her so much. .


Through some beautiful energy dance and weavings this morning, I felt like dedicating this spring equinox to her spirit. To her, and to my renewal, my rebirth, somehow magically interwoven with her. I can’t explain it, and it only has beauty in it. Like she is now standing here with me, touching my shoulder. Giving me permission to live. Live ~ Give, as I saw I had written in a book somewhere. The dance of the soul Radiance

21October 2021 ~ Five weeks exactly from my diagnosis, Thursday to Thursday, and I heard of your passing later in the day. I had been trying on wigs as my hair was falling off due to the chemotherapies. Then on my way home, my mom told me the heartbreaking news of your passing. It broke me completely. I'm so glad my Unicorn letter of Love and support reached you earlier that year, and that you were able to reply though I know you were so tired. The love exchanged, flowing between us will forever be etched on my heart. Julie ☆ My dear Avalon sister. I miss you already. I miss you so deeply. God be with you my dear angel of the heart. Now you are free from all the suffering. Illuminated. Radiance itself.  

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