Saturday, July 29, 2017

*You Are The Veil!*

A few months ago I woke up on a Sunday morning and quickly found myself standing on the living room floor in my baggy PJ’s burning sage and waving a feather in the air. 

As I walked around the room, distributing smoke, smudging, talking to the angels, chanting a spontaneous prayer of rinsing and healing, I witnessed an inner dialogue commencing in my whole being. 

The thing is, I had been watching a gruesome movie from the Second World War the night before. The romantically colored cover had portrayed a smiling couple in love, against a WW2 backdrop. The title was in Polish, a pretty word written in a gripping font, which I figured in my head was the name of a town or a region. Which was true by the way, but they call the movie ‘Hatred’ in English, which I didn’t know. It was one of those über cool artsy movies, fantastic filming, great actors, amazing music, and emotionally stirring editing, but one which depicts one of history's most devilish nightmares. 

What's up with that anyway! These films always get superb ratings. The more horrific they are, the greater their rating on IMDB. Then we soak it up like vampires. Well, this film was absolutely one of those. The story begins beautifully, the characters are fascinating, and you're hooked without knowing. Then it begins. The horror. The pain! You really don't want to keep watching but you can't stop as you have to know how it ends! You have to know the fate of those two lovers! 

Anyways, so there I was, acting on my sense of urgency to restore peace and harmony, beauty, in the living room after having allowed disruptive energy to ‘enter through the TV screen’ which now was seriously affecting my human well-being. So there I was calling on my angels, ‘please come closer’, ‘allow me to sense your presence’, using those kinds of words. Then I'm suddenly not OK with those words and energy as I so know my angels are ALWAYS with me, and a Q & A started between me, myself and them, so I asked “How should I ask you then as I know you are already here”, “I just so want to sense you closer”, “Can you please help me, can you please make the veil thinner between us, more transparent so it's easier for me to truly sense you”. 

One thing though I need to share before I continue. The thing is that when I was 16 years old I saw, ((or it was more like I sensed,)) my family of angels (yes, just chuckle away, that's OK :) ) I was feeling a bit under the weather one afternoon, lying in bed. I wasn’t seriously ill, I didn’t have a fever or anything like that, but I hadn't gone to school and was just resting. 

As I dozed in and out I started to sense this deeply warm and beautiful presence embrace me, and then there they were! It was more like I was with them though, in some other space, not as they were there in my room approaching me. I was not sleeping. I was fully aware of my surroundings, yet this experience was like happening on another plane. This is the best I can describe it. Anyways, so these beings, I more sensed them than saw them, I wouldn't be able to describe their features. They didn't have distinct forms and details. They were more like only the outlines of us humans, round though elongated forms, energy swirls, yet I did sense a group of individuals, seven or so in number. One of them spoke, or communicated as we didn't use words though words I heard, but I really felt all the others in the communication. They radiated their love and compassion towards me. Like they were all talking through this one prominent one. Again, this is the best I can describe it. 

They told me they were my angel family and that they loved me deeply and really missed me, though they’ve always understood and respected my decision to go to Earth when I did to be within 3D reality for an indefinite period. Leaping into the unknown. They told me that they respected my chosen path. And that I was extremely brave for choosing it. I remember thinking, “What! Wow, did I really choose THIS, with other options available?” Being surprised at a choice another version of myself had taken sometime, somewhere else. And this sense of oneness, infinity and eternity swept over me, which at that time felt a bit uncomfortable, as I didn’t feel big enough for it somehow. Like I was a tiny sweater the Universe was trying to squeeze itself into! I felt the constraints of my humaneness. They wanted me to know that they would always be by my side and I could always, always ask for their help. I simply cried. Wet, salty human tears. That was all I could do. In my earthly body, bound to the law of physics. All I could do was to cry. So I just cried and told them I loved them. 

After this experience, and for a good time afterward I ‘kept in contact’ so to speak. I talked to them often and absolutely called on them when I needed them, during my exams for example, as I've always suffered exam anxiety. But then time passed, I became more and more of an adult, and my attention drifted elsewhere. I kept sensing them in my heart though, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on my state of mind and attention. 

Back to 2017 where I was engaged in a Q & A with myself and the angels in my living room on an early Sunday morning. “I just so want to sense you closer”, “Can you please help me, can you please make the veil thinner between us, more transparent so it's easier for me to truly sense you” I asked them. Then like from a pretty good God movie, an answer struck my being: “You are the veil” the voice said. And the voice came somewhere from within myself.

I repeated those four magic words “You are the veil”, “You are the veil”. Then finally I said to myself “I am the veil”, and I realized with awe and wonder how profound, how life altering this truth is.

You get it? The veil is us, made by us! We create the fabric we feel is between us and the divine ourselves. The veil separating us from God. From Source. The Universe. 

Ultimately there is no gap or Great Wall between us. All truly is one. 

It's us who build the wall, we become the veil… 

We spin the fabric with our behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, emotional fogs. 

Our stand in life either clears or clouds our view, hence our ability to sense what we deeply long to sense. Connectedness with a Higher Power, to God, or to our fellow humans on Earth ~ With Mother Nature, her animals, plants and stone beings. 

This truth has been channeled in so many ways throughout the ages, in literature, art, poetry, storytelling etc. I myself have written about it from many angles. Yet, this view of it, seeing it through this lense that “I myself am the veil” presented itself as a major AHA moment for me, which I in turn feel compelled to share with you who are reading. It’s like a master key. Let’s use it! And unlock our senses with one deep transformative breath of awareness.

♥︎ Warmly yours, as always 
    ~ Sóley :) 

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