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A New Year Power Act

 A New Year Power Act ~ The Weaving of the Old with the New

South Iceland, January 3rd 2019

☆ A Wondrous New Year to You, Shining Star ☆

What better way of flying through the gates of a new year than with Grace and Gratitude? With Clarity and Overview? ‘Easy does it’, is a magical mantra to recite when embarking on a new adventure around the sun. It is like a nourishing balm for your Mind Body and Soul. A gift to a ‘newborn star’.

This is the third time I work with and share the New Year Power Act of ‘weaving the old with the new’. 2018 left me with many lessons learned. It was a good year and a hard year. Rewarding, exhausting, exciting. Inwardly it was laborious, so yes, I can’t deny that I’m a bit tired now at the beginning of a new year from a heavy-duty 2018, but satisfied. I see clearly how I’ve grown through it all and I’m grateful for that, and I’m extremely excited for the year ahead, to say the least. Therefore, for the 2019 New Year Power Act, I wanted to dig a bit deeper, adjust the questions that perform the magic of the act, to what is now ringing true in my heart. Infuse it with the lessons I’ve been learning, and am still learning as I know that collectively we are many who are going through the very same things in life at the very same time.  


Below is the 2018-2019 Power Act - this time offering a little more zest, reflected in the guidance. 

This is how we do it – We weave the old from 2018 (Questions 1 and 3) with the new for 2019 (Questions 2 and 4) using the prompts I give you. We also imagine that we’re entering a spiral-like form, and we start at the furtherst point from the center and move inwards from question 1 to 2. Question 3 we ask from the center of the spiral, and question 4 represents the outward motion when we are moving outwards from the center. 

1. What did you CLEAR out of your life in 2018? 
(The Clearing phase – we move with the spiral towards the center)

2. What is your VISION for 2019?
(The Creation phase – we move further inwards towards the center of the spiral)

3. How did COURAGE grow you in 2018?
Where did you show courage last year? (The Centering – we ask this question symbolically from the center of the spiral, from the heart, the core in courage. )

4. What is your GUIDING THEME for 2019?
(The Compass – we start moving outwards away from the center of the spiral. The movement represents our engagement with life from a centered place inside ourselves.)

Before shifting into action gear for the year, give yourself the gift of a quiet yet creative time with yourself. 

☆ Cozy up by candlelight with a piece of paper or your journal. Bring yourself a warm cup of your favorite beverage, burn some incense, or arrange fresh flowers in a vase. Set the stage intentionally for a Power Act of Self-Love. 

☆ With an open heart invite your guiding deities, your angels, power animals or other beauties to support you, and pull a card from your divination deck if you want. Before you begin close your eyes for just a few seconds and quiet your mind with deep breaths. Sense how the energy of the Universe is coursing through your veins. Remember, you are a radiant star, powerful beyond measure, your possibilities in life are absolutely infinite. 

☆ Give yourself at least 20 minutes for each question - Longer if you desire, but do set yourself an approximate time frame so you will be able to go through all 4 questions in one go. 

 Allow yourself to flow in your answers! Have fun! Write the first things that come to you. Trust your intuition. There is no right or wrong here, and everything is adjustable. We are playing with life and energy - It is not a serious business. Wisdom is always flexible! 

☆ When you finish the last question, set your journal or papers aside, and close your eyes again. Allow the energy of Self-Love to flow through you. You've just performed a Power Act, that strengthens and liberates you from boxed thinking. Isn't it amazing to be alive and have all these magical powers at our fingertips? In your own way give thanks for this time you've invested in your well-being and finish the Power act by blowing out the candle.  

Now, ask yourself, in the first person, the following 4 Questions.

 : 1 :


Undoubtedly you cleared some heavy energies out of your life last year - energies which now no longer weigh you down. Without those burdens, it will be so much easier for you to take flight into 2019 as your new lighter self. 

Maybe it was an unhealthy habit you let go of, a negative attitude, hindering belief or a whole belief system, or a sabotaging behavior pattern for example. Maybe even a disruptive relationship with a person close to you or in your social circle. Last year you profoundly felt how that energy was diminishing you, dimming your light, suffocating you, therefore, you summoned your courage and decided to do something about it. You propelled a shift in your core, and you finally let go of it! You cleared it from your life! (Or currently, you are deep in the process of doing so.) 

Whatever that heaviness was for you personally, the whole tangible reality of it; experiencing it, the process of recognizing it as something that was weighing you down and hindering your growth and well-being, and then letting it go, clearing it out of your life as a result of your realization, may have been, in the grand scheme of things, one of your great blessings in disguise. 

To write down and identify the nature of exactly what that heaviness was can make a huge impact on your life. To identify it will help you see the lesson it taught you, and it will help you sense yourself as this new you, this lighter you, without it – without what you may have been carrying around for months, years or decades even. To identify it and write it down will give you the contrast needed to deeply sense the relief in your system, and help you anchor the feeling of freedom and clarity you now feel within your heart, your mind, your soul and your body, now that you have cleared that heaviness out of your life. What you did when clearing it from your life was turning lead into gold. We call that doing alchemy! So yes, wise one. You are an alchemist!

I will include a story of a beautiful healing practice here, a ceremony I learned from a book by the late Angeles Arrien, in case it may inspire you too. It is about offering an energetic heaviness to a tree. Trees are universally regarded and honored as symbolizing transformation because of their ability to change form from season to season. Angeles’ book The Four-Fold Way, I highly recommend to anyone looking for a transformational read. She was a wonderful woman sharing much wisdom with the world.

The Bantu tribes of Africa have a Spring ceremony, in which they offer personal, traumatic wounds to a tree for healing purposes, with the intent never to speak out loud about that wound again. In the prehistoric societies of Europe, cave art reveals the same ritual, which is expressed by the hand-tree motif.

May you sense peace and freedom in every breath dear radiant star!

Power question 1: WHAT DID I CLEAR OUT OF MY LIFE IN 2018? 

: 2 :

Yes! Go ahead and draft your Vision for 2019. Allow it to be a simple one if you like. You don’t have to go into great detail unless you want to but include the magic you wish to experience, and the very important foundation, e.g. four cornerstones, which may be essential for the structure of your 2019 plan to hold. 

Your Vision will give you a room, a canvas to express your heart’s longings. It will map your most sincere intentions for the year, and, give you ground to plant your magical seeds in. Your creativity needs nourishing soil for your seeds to sprout and grow. 

Allow your Vision to include your dreams for the year, but take it further. Fuel those dreams with an intention for how to enjoy those dreams in real life. The wholeness of the dreams. Not simply the end goals. This year, intend to experience your dreams as they unfold. Remember, your vision for 2019 is not a goal to be reached. It is a life to be lived. An adventure to be enjoyed. It is all about the Now. By writing down your Vision you are preparing the venue for this year’s adventure - building the dance floor for you to enjoy your dancing whilst you bask in the Now of it all.  

Allow your imagination to run wild as you write - unleash your fresh creativity and allow it to flow through you as you express your Vision for 2019 on paper. Also, give it form. Tap into, or draw from both your inner wisdom and your learned practical skills you’ve acquired throughout life. Those gifts are very valuable as well – they have taught you a thing or two about yourself and have equipped you with a few do’s and don’ts you can trust. Our aim is to realize our dreams, live our vision. And to do exactly that, to grow, and for everything to grow, we need both structure and flow.  

 At a later date, I highly recommend you craft a collage or a Vision Board for the Vision you have drafted here! Get yourself some thick big-sized paper, old magazines or anything you can cut images from, some glue, paint, stickers, glitter.. whatever that will make your vision come alive on paper, and you can hang on a wall in your home to visually remind you of your heart's longings and your clear intentions to make them come true in 2019. 

For inspiration you can e.g. start with:

“In 2019 my heart longs to…

“The four cornerstones for my 2019 vision to hold are…

Have fun power-envisioning dear shining star! 
With your Vision in hand, (and later in whichever form you’ll craft it; written, drawn, sung, etc.) it will be so much easier and so much more fun to creatively weave and live your dreams into reality in 2019. If you wish to collage your vision later, I highly recommend it… whatever your heart desires. Then remember to have your Vision Board accessible to you throughout the year. Keep it somewhere you will see it every day, or can easily reach out for it, to refresh your memory – for your soul to dip her paintbrush into fresh paint once in a while. Perhaps you will want to adjust the board, add a layer or two during the year. It is your vision. Play with it as you wish!  

Power question 2: WHAT IS MY VISION FOR 2019?

: 3 :

What experience from last year made you feel like you were expanding, growing, or even shooting roots in some area in your life? Where did you show up fully, speak your truth, and reveal your courage?

It may have been accompanied by ‘growing pains’ or vulnerability, for how can we celebrate a triumph or a victory in our life, something we overcame or accomplished through growing if we didn’t break out of our shell first, just as the seed does?

At first, showing courage will leave us vulnerable and naked, as we are exposing our heart, our truth, but we are expanding, becoming stronger and more open. More receptive and available to life – readier to be touched by life’s magic force. Therefore, to get closer to finding your original medicine, describe an area in your life where you stepped out of your comfort zone, and expanded as a human as a result? Express which fears you embraced and which new skills or perspectives you acquired as a reward?

Which new revelations or understandings about yourself anchored you deeper within your place in the world. Where did you grow roots in your being? – roots which are deeply centering you now in the nourishing ground and from which your life will now steadily grow and unfold? These roots, this centeredness, this confidence in your abilities and skills, this trust in life and contentment, will support you in living your dreams this year and onwards. 

Search for how your new tools or advanced ‘superpowers’ from showing courage last year, can help you with specific aspects of your Vision Board. That courageous act may even be the master key to your vision, your dreams, unlocking your deep potential, revealing your intrinsic gifts you may want to share with the world. Where you are growing through courage may very well indicate what you are mastering in your life. And in your field of mastery, you will find and unearth your original medicine.

To know and celebrate your original medicine graces you with the experience of deep contentment and clarity about your place in the world. It gives you confidence and moves you into a state of being connected with your essence. Where you have shown your true face, where you have spoken your truth, shot roots in your beingness, gives you a sense of centeredness within your own self. It is a feeling of having come home ~ Home to yourself. 

Power question 3: HOW DID I GROW THROUGH COURAGE IN 2018?

: 4 :

Yes! Just do it! Choose an embracing guiding theme for the whole year ahead! A compass! 

Whether you crave a theme with a slow tempo like ‘Serenity’ or ‘Simplicity’ or a more upbeat theme like ‘Divinely Carefree’ or ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, it will provide you with a silver thread throughout the year that will keep you on track and support all your moves and communication, both professionally and personally.

What’s more, having a specific theme guiding you through a whole year, is guaranteed to teach you something new about yourself, and deepen your understanding of life itself. Just remember to keep it simple! 

It is best to have only one concept as your compass, but if you feel it is limiting you, choose concepts you can make a coherency out of. If you choose three concepts, for example, see if you can make a trinity out of them, a harmony. One ‘concept’ could be a deity you wish to connect with more this year, pray to and seek guidance to like Mother Mary, or your guardian angel. The other concepts could then be ‘Praying’ or ‘Soulful Creative Expression’, ‘Sensing Music’ or ‘Being more in Nature’. All these make a meaningful coherent theme together with wanting to connect more with Mother Mary.  


It is a beautiful Act of Power to weave the old and the new together like this at the beginning of a new year. In Grace and Gratitude. It rewards us with peace of mind, a fantastic overview, and clarity, and it strengthens our deep and sincere connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. With Spirit and our own Soul. With the One Heart. 

We as Dreamers with a capital D, visionaries, manifestors, we are prone to live a bit more in the future than in the Now. We are always working towards something. Almost like a donkey chasing a carrot the donkey rider stuck on a stick. Using that metaphor, we could say that the rider is our mind. Capable and clever. Our minds are exactly that - capable and clever. But at whose expense? 

To live your dreams is to partake wholly and full-heartedly in the whole process of seeding, watering, and harvesting in our lives. We make very little of our valuable dreams if we, hard-working manifestors, rush through our lives’ dreams to reach a goal, or wait impatiently for the results to show. It is a terrible waste of our precious time, our lives, to fix our eyes on something that’s at the end of our rainbow – to fix our eyes on the end results, treating our every day as simply stepping stones, forgetting to enjoy the wholeness of it all - the sacredness of our lives. 

I know how this goes, as I’ve been doing it for years. Treating month after month as simply stepping stones to something great-er. Something more accomplished. I’ve done so both consciously and unconsciously. Now I want to stop doing that, so I say to you as I say to myself in the mirror: Don’t sacrifice the Now on the altar of your dreams. If your dreams remove you from the beauty of the present, they are not worthy - don’t offer up your valuable time on this Earth in exchange for a reward at the end, a juicy fruit. Your life is so much more valuable than that! 

Years and decades may pass, and you may not have had the pleasure of biting into that fruit, after all, that peach you’ve been attentively tending to and putting all your attention on. Your life’s dreams are a living breathing entity – and their juiciest moments are found in experiencing the Now. 

I wish you all the best for the year to come, and much joy and beauty in your 2019 of The New You.

♡ Yours truly, Helga Sóley ~ Beauty Embraced Creations

{Beauty Embraced Creations under the eight petaled rose, is my ‘House of Creation’ as Woman of Vision, visionary entrepreneur. Among the creations it embraces is my work for Eagle Women Global, my work as the founder of Sacred Iceland Wellness Travel Company, and my Women Empowerment Series Arnargyðjan, The Wisdom Workshop Series with my partner The Golden Octaveand my first self-published book, Songs of Anu ~ Poetry from the Heart}

All the beautiful images in this post are by my favorite artist Susan Seddon Boulet

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