Tuesday, March 8, 2016

*The Ultimate Women Empowerment*

The ultimate women empowerment is the remembering of oneself as the divine. Beyond identification with form. Beyond gender. This is the awakening of consciousness to its true sacred self. Thus, the Empowered Woman is one who has stripped herself bare of gender ideals and concepts. She sees herself in everything and everyone as she has remembered her true faceless identity of immaculate beauty. Her mirror reflection is sacred presence. Therefore she can profoundly embrace womanhood as nothing obscures her vision of reality nor obstructs her expression of truth.




Dear women, my beloved sisters. Sometimes, I sit by the window in my living room and simply stare and stare through the glass. I stare at the trees in my garden. How they sway in the wind and how the branches dance with the sky. I stare, I watch, I witness. Usually my dog Sara is by my side. Has squeezed herself and all her furry greatness into the little empty space next to me by the right armrest. Morphed into one another like that we just sit and watch the outside world together. It makes me feel so very quiet inside.

Maybe this stillness, this watching in silence what’s happening on the outside, seeing all the movements around me, the colors and forms change and be subject to time, maybe this witnessing awakens something within me, something that has been sleeping. A dormant presence. Maybe this tranquility is why I so often want to write after sitting by the window for a while. It’s like the inner calmness becomes a quiet, crystal clear pond, receptive to inspiration. The lightest touch, creating circular ripples on the surface of my being. 

Once, from the depth of silence, images from around the world and from different times in our history emerged and penetrated my inner vision. My physical eyes were still open, just as before, watching the life in my garden. 

The moving inner images were of women, women of all ages, ethnicities, stature, and creed, both older women, little girls, and all ages in between. The images were vivid, showing their everyday lives in different surroundings. In the green nature, in all kinds of houses, on dirt roads and paved streets, in small villages and big cities. Their daily tasks, their trials and triumphs. Childbirths, love, and families. Oppression. Beatings. Rapes. Their husbands, sons, and brothers. Lovers. Their sisterhoods, friends, and foes. In a split second, the greatest war ever fought was pulled before my eyes. The war that still rages the world over. The war against women.


My god how brave we’ve been! So strong. Courageous. Oh, it takes my breath away! It is absolutely heart-stirring and simply unimaginable how under the cruelest, most evil discrimination this planet has faced, how we’ve still managed to stay on our feet. And not only that but risen in power and might. Ohh the force of the feminine is so strong! I shiver at the thought of it and almost tremble sensing the feminine run through my veins, the pure force pulsating up and down my spine. Phew! It’s immense.

The pure feminine essence is powerful, playful, creative, colorful, and expressive. Organic! As wise as she is wild, as primordial as she is youthful. 

Formed within a patriarchal society, the way business and politics have been done for millennia, the way our base social structures have been built almost solely on the standards and values of the masculine isn’t very holistic. It isn’t very feminine. It doesn’t support feminine values and the feminine rhythm. It is extremely goal-oriented, and it is more about the outcome than enjoying the creation. The awakened feminine spirit within empowered women does things differently. Empowered women are fed up with how things have been manipulated and distorted in favor of imbalance, and injustice in the world for millennia. We’re here to advocate for peace and harmony and to show and shower abundance. We’re here as way-showers.

Yes, we women, we’re here now, we’ve risen! Please witness us. 

Fierce is the word used to describe authentic courageous behavior. The behavior of someone who will stop at nothing, like our sisters in the wild, our animal mothers who are protecting their offspring. That is what we are becoming. Fierce. In our loving passionate way. We are creating a new world to live in, a new path for us to follow so we can be happy and live in beauty and bliss. We can do that! We women. Yes, we can! Together with our beloved awakened masculine forces, we will move our collective consciousness into a new golden era of harmony and creative peace. As that is already how things are. Under the surface. It’s all just a matter of perspective. A shift in perspective is happening now. 

As I see it, Gaia, Mother Earth, the Great Goddess Consciousness who is united with All There Is, is opening herself up to us now. To all of us. Exposing herself. Stretching her limits in her attempt to help us wake up ~ help us remember. She is revealing her beyond million mirrors to us, so we, her Earth sisters, will for sure find at least one mirror that will reflect to us who we truly are, innately. In essence. She is helping us to awaken and remember so we may recognize ourselves again. Recognize our alchemical force, our compassion, our warmth, our grace, our immense strength in gentleness and genius. She is calling on us women especially as we need to remember our worth, we need to heal our wounds inflicted on us by society for millennia. We need to dive deeper into our healing, so we can heal the rift between men and women, and rise in harmony with the sacred masculine again.

That is why wild women sisterhoods have been rising up en-masse around the globe for the past few decades, and exponentially in the last few years. With the help of Mother Gaia, we have been re-connecting with our true authentic selves, banging on our drums, calling on the medicine and guidance of our foremothers. We are now attentively listening to Mother Earth, harmonizing with her heartbeat. We are sensing her oceans, rivers, and waterfalls flowing in our veins.  

That is also why we may change our minds in the middle of the stream. That is why one day we are all rosy-rosy, but the day after we may be wild and roaring. Why one day we are like the innocent maiden girl, and the next we are erotic and seductive. Some days you may not even find us as we’ve retreated for a little while. It may seem as if we've gone into hiding, whilst other days we are expressing ourselves in an elaborate manner on social media. 

We are trying on our awakened divine feminine spirit, who has many faces, powers, and medicines. 

What happens next is pure magic. 

Seeing our powerful images in Mother Gaia’s mirroring depths, sparks the flames of creativity within us, which frees us at last from the chains of captivity. It reminds us of our eternal freedom. It reminds us that not only are we female but that we are masculine as well. And when we dive even deeper into those mirroring depths, when we dare to journey way beyond form, a faceless reflection will greet and grace us with truth. 

When we realize our true innermost nature, our genderless nature beyond form, we want to celebrate our womanhood, we embrace it with ease and grace. That is how we unite with the sacred masculine again, and support the move into a new, more refined era. 

The purest form of women empowerment is therefore the realization of who we truly are, essentially. Beyond identification with form. It is the remembering of our divinity, our sacred beauty as formless awareness, beyond gender. That which we speak of is the awakening of consciousness to its true immaculate self. Potent and powerful, such is the realization. Yet is simply the natural unfoldment, the falling away of the illusion of separateness we’ve come to outgrow. The surrendering of untruth, resulting in its extinction. The annihilation of unnatural gender concepts, ideas, and beliefs that have caused excruciating pain to both women and men throughout the ages.  


That which survives the obliteration of false beliefs is the eternal, the indestructible. The formless essence. That, which we share with each and everyone on this planet, be they delusional still or not (still sleeping). It is the pureness of our innermost selves. The genderless. That which always is.


To see oneself in this light renders ease to the reuniting with form. It uncomplicates. Be the form male or female. It allows us to flow with the natural movement of consciousness, of the unmanifest into form, and back into the formless. Like the ocean, as it takes on the form of sparkling waves on shores, then dissolves and returns to the majestic vastness of itself.


When we sense ourselves as beings of such soft yet strong force, unconditionally loving force, nothing becomes more natural to us than being in a female body and profoundly embrace womanhood. In all its grace and wise wildness. No inferiority, no superiority is there to be felt, because nothing is separating us from truth anymore. No beliefs, no concepts, no pain will obscure the truth of what we truly are. Sacred. Whole. Holy. We have awoken to our true colors and know in our hearts, without a shadow of a doubt that we essentially are that which created us, hence powerful beyond measure.

We can surrender all illusions of fear. We can drop all our protective masks. We can look up, rise from the ground and step out of the shadow. We can turn towards the world with an open heart and look straight into its eyes. Fearless.


We don’t need the attainment and sustainment of rank either. The accession to a throne, and a heavy crown to believe in. We can drop that illusion too. We can shed all our commanding layers. We can relax our stance and release the burden of authority from our shoulders. We can level our chins and look straight into the eyes of the world, which now has revealed its luminous nature to us as we’ve put down our guard.

Ultimately we’re looking into our own two beautiful eyes of truth, which have been watching the whole time. We just didn’t notice them as we were gazing below and above them, or looking away. Frantically seeking, searching for something, something to grab hold of, obtain, something that would define us. Something to put on, a cape of power.

But deep peace and freedom, that which we were really looking for, was with us, as us, all along, witnessing as we embarked on our journeys. As we climbed the mountains and navigated the valleys. As we fought as warriors of peace, and then as peaceful warriors. 

Then, as we laid down our weapons and simply became, The Peaceful.

The Free.

~ Yours, Sóley

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